There is always a bridge between normality and insanity. What you feel is normal might be insane for somebody else. What you feel is being vulnerable might be strength for somebody else. We do not fill the gap, we judge. Today if we find a man living on the streets and talking to himself all throughout the day, we would definitely categorize him in being insane. Life doesn’t give us all what we need, life gives us what we need for that moment, life places its cards on the table and asks us to choose. Now it depends on the person and what he chooses.

There was a happy man once, he had a family and a heart to look after his family. His wife and children were devoted towards him and he was grateful. His life had many twists and turns, but he never gave up. He thought that his life could be better the next day. He thought his children could love him and not show devotion through fear. His wife was very dear to him and for her his possessions were not tolerable. She was very happy for her children were doing good in life, but she was not happy about him. She was excellent at everything, she was a good mother, a good wife, and good sister, and a good friend. She took all her effort to keep things at their best. But life wouldn’t treat her right. Her misery would pounce upon her pretty soon. She met a man, he was good to her, he was attracted towards her, but she did not know why. She was scared to lose her husband and her children. So she maintained her distance with the materialistic ideas which would haunt her and compel her to make herself happy, because she was not happy. Her life was a robotic one, she did not feel any connection to her husband, but she did not want to admit it, because once in life she loved him, she loved him more than anything else, she slowly started to think. This was something she could not control- thinking. She thought what if she left her husband and stay with the new man who made her feel lively again. She could not discard the thoughts anymore because it was too late. But she tried controlling them. She tried not being miserable, and as a result she forgot how it felt like to smile and be happy.

One night, she comes back home from office and finds her husband is back as well. She had a party to attend that night, but she did not feel like and so she came back home and for the first time in years, she wanted to have a conversation with her husband regarding them. But to her surprise, she found that there was another pair of shoes just at the entrance. She went in, and saw a lady sitting beside her husband, and trying to console him. She couldn’t take it, she froze right there and didn’t speak for hours. The lady left, and her husband never showed up that night, because he left with the lady. She could not feel herself breathing anymore, she thought she was insane.

Her husband on the other hand was having an affair with the other woman. According to the husband this was not a crime, it was mere happiness which he though he deserved because he had nobody to confide in back at home.

The lady gradually started losing her mind, as days passed. She had done everything to feel alright, in spite of it all she was failing every time. She would not speak to her husband and he would never talk to her, though she deserved and explanation. She started to keep herself busy with other work. But she was not being able to concentrate in anything else as well.

One day, after going through a lot of hardship, she made a decision- she left. She packed a small bag and left to explore the world. At this her family was spellbound and did not know why she took such a step. Everybody called her “insane”. But her husband knew exactly why. When the children asked him, “Her dad, where did mom go?” their dad replied, “She went to her life.”