“Look at her..she looks so sassy. Such characterless girls are taking down our nation we must say.”


I’m considered as a characterless woman just by my appearance and attitude?


Because I wear what I’m comfortable in?

Because I play with innovations?

Because I abuse?

Because I talk to multiple Boys?

Because I watch Porn?

Because I talk about Sex and my fantasies openly?

Because I denied to be in relationship with someone and still talk to them?

Because I don’t live with my parents?

Because I smoke?

Because I work late in nights?

Because I can’t cook?

Because of what I’m called as a characterless woman?

I don’t even get involved in anybody’s chalet then why me at first place?

You know why?

Because you know that I wouldn’t be handled by your dirty slang anymore. I wouldn’t hesitate to put my word firmly. I wouldn’t be a shy girl. I wouldn’t feel reckless wearing those short dresses. I can stand on my own WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT and this is the reason of you calling me characterless.

Have you ever thought about your sister, your mother, your daughter or your wife? Are they characterless too?

NO! your mother wouldn’t because she feeds you. Your sister wouldn’t because she supports you. Your daughter wouldn’t because she is YOUR daughter. And your wife wouldn’t because You chose her but the other girls are. Because they are independent and doesn’t give you a shit out of their business.

Because we’re capable of handling ourselves well. Because we can treat us like a princess without a prince. Because we can look after ourselves without anybody’s support. We do not need your consents anymore to take our decisions. We are standing firmly by our earnings. And this is where everyone’s ego has been hurt deeply. Nobody can accept the bitter truth that women who happened to be working in kitchens all day are making such tremendous success out of their efforts. Not men but women too are having this mentality.

And what is the worst part of having these thoughts?

After reading this I wouldn’t remain a “GIRL.” A pure girl. Girl with no sins. Girl who is sober and polite.

Because then I’ll be judged.

A small towner writing this?

Isn’t she bold?

Does her family know about this?

Why is she only wearing a t-shirt and no pants?

What is she thinking of herself?

She looks fat and it ain’t suiting her still she flaunts her curves?

Doesn’t she have the sense to talk in public? Why she needs to be so straightforward?

What if a guy gets interested in her seeing her in this attire?

Then I’ll get transformed into “A CUNT” from a girl.

I’ll be called as a skank.

I wouldn’t remain a good behaved girl anymore. I wouldn’t be considered as the one to be married with. I’ll become an undesirable one. People’s perspective will get changed. I wouldn’t be able to put my word forward.

Don’t I have my rights?

My rights to proclaim that I have my own dreams to complete.

People consider Feminism as an act of giving equal rights to women but do we define it properly?

Feminism isn’t about being equal to men and compete. It’s about having our rights to do what we want. We will aspire to become a house wife. We will aspire to become a rock singer as well. It is completely our choice. Whether we wear a ‘SALWAR SUIT’ or an ‘OFF SHOULDER SHORT DRESS’ whether we end up having babies and run a good family or adopt kids and create a new family.

And trust me we know very well how to make you all happy! We’ve been doing it since long.

We know our boundaries which we set. We know where to stop. We know who to fight against. We know what to be considered as. We know how to run this nation.

Being a feminine we know how to love our partners, our families, our friends and how to keep them happy!

But still people fail to understand us and we get judged unnecessarily on the basis of god knows what!

The society which is in 21st century now, talks about feminism so gracefully and still dominate the wonders of life.

Where is this going to stop?

One must think about it!

A MAN or a WOMAN both need to ask their own sacred mind that who is responsible for this unique behaviour of people which is misleading the young buds who by due diligence get a life of a woman?