The story begins with a girl of 17 years named Kavya. Reading was her hobby.  Though her dreams were too big but the hard work was small.

She lived with her mother in a small rented house. Her father died when was she was only 5 years old. Kavya’s mother worked as maid in houses of city nearby their village. They could hardly earn a living but her mother left no stone unturned to give her beloved daughter the best education she could afford.

Kavya’s dream was to become a writer and build a house of her own. She wanted her mother to get rid of all the hard work she has to go through because of her. Books were her best friend. For hours she used to sit with her books. But was this enough to become a writer? Probably no. She hated going to school which gave her ample of opportunities to enhance her talent.

“You should go to school, dear. It will help you.” Said her mother.

“Oh how will that boring school help me? They can’t make a writer out of me.” She said with her eyes busy in the words of her book.

“Your wish I cannot force you to do something that you don’t like.”

“Don’t worry mother, one day I’ll be a writer and earn so much that you will not even have to get up from your bed for drinking water.” She said hugging her mother.

“We’ll see dear, after all future is so uncertain.”

The next day, her only friend in the village came to her house and informed Kavya about the writing competition that was going to be held in their school.

“You should come. If you win they will publish your work in the most popular book. It’s a great opportunity for you. You can submit your work any time after that and the best part is- you will be paid for it. What else do you want?” insisted her friend.

“Go away. You know I just hate that school. I will not come. Thank you.” She said bluntly.

Few days later she received a call informing her that her mother became unconscious while working in the kitchen and have been admitted in the city hospital. She ran to the hospital.

When she reached, the doctors informed her that her mother’s situation was critical and they had to conduct some test whose report will come soon in the later part of the day.

“Oh god, please save my mother” she prayed.

Soon the report came and tears rolled down her cheek like rain from cloud. Her mother had blood cancer and required a total sum of 5 lakh for treatment.

“You need to submit the money so that we can start the treatment” said the doctor.

“Please start the treatment doctor I will arrange the amount” Kavya begged.

“We are sorry. We can’t go against hospital rules.”

Kavya did not know what she should do. From where she could get help, there was no one….

She suddenly remembered about the writing competition in school and called her friend.

“That writing competition? Sorry dear but it’s over and one of the girls about higher class won. And you know she got 5 lakh as gift!” said kavya’s friend.

She cut the call cursing her for what she missed. Though she was able to arrange some amount of money, it was not enough.

Unfortunately, her mother died, an NGO adopted her. She went into depression and decided to work hard and fulfill her dream. She worked hard and emerged as a beautiful and inspiring writer.

She soon wrote a book on her mother’s struggle.

She wrote-“TODAY I WON BUT I LOST….”