“Mothers may not speak or express about how they feel but they feel the deepest and purest. The unconditional love that they give cannot be measured.”

This is a story of a mother who loves her daughter deeply but is very much practical so she doesn’t express her feelings easily. Manju is a working woman so she cannot stay at home with her daughter. Despite of managing the school she does keep a motto of giving her daughter the best she can in every possible way.
Manju just had a baby girl. All she wants is her daughter to get the best in her life.

She is 6 months old and she remains sick, everything that I have to do for her is an extra effort. Even if she needs to drink water I have to boil it and then give her at a bearable temperature. I can’t breast fee her, she is too weak to digest that and i do not have plenty of milk in me. We handle her with extra care. I am lucky to have a caring husband who understands me so well and takes care of her as well.  She is worried for her as she cannot afford to lose her that too after two miscarriages.

After losing two children she got her. How can I forget the pains she have bearded to climb up the hills just to reach that temple to ask god for a child and how can she forget the pain of labor.

That pain vanished when she held her for the first time. She is light as cotton as beautiful as an angel. Soft hands and warm body, makes Manju forget the labor pain she had since 5 hours.
One day while she was boiling the milk for rose she said to her hubby, ”honey give me some I wanna taste it. ” his hubby pored few drops of milk in her palm and Manju tasted it. As soon as her lips touch the milk, tears roll down her eyes. Virat says “honey what is wrong? Why are you crying?” Manju starts sobbing and looks at rose and cries virat holds Manju and asked her “Manju what is wrong dear? What is it?” she said, ‘‘the milk is tasteless. ” He holds her and says,” it’s okay honey, our daughter will he healthy. ”

She is 6 years old now and goes to school. She is bright as the sun and cheerful as the birds. Yes she makes some mistakes the usual and silly ones, i want her to be perfect, after all she is a girl and one day she will be judged at every action she does. Manju is teacher in a school and spends her day in school and comes in the evening. Tired but still has to manage rose and the household. She doesn’t avoid rose as the child needs love and care especially when they are small. Manju sits with rose for her studies and sometimes she falls asleep while teaching rose and when rose notices her mother sleeping quietly keeps her books down and runs in the garden to play.

Today rose is college. Its 7:30 am rose is getting ready for college. Manju comes to her room, “dear what should I pack for you?”

Rose replies, “nothing mom. I don’t want any Tiffin I’ll eat in the canteen. ”

Manjusays, “Why dear, I’ll pack something for you.”

Rose says, “No mom I dnt want anything thank you I will manage.”

Manju replies, “Fine suit yourself.”


Days pass on and distances emerge between rose and mary. Manju wants her daughter to be perfect in her way and rose cannot bare this dominance in her life.

One evening rose is cooking in kitchen and Manju comes to inspect her and she sees the gas is too high she just sims the burner and scolds rose, “your burner should be always slow when you cook for long.”

Rose gets irritated and leaves the kitchen saying, “like I dnt kniw how to cook. I’m done cooking now.”

Manju calls her again n again but she refuses to come back. Manju turns off the gas.


Today is rose’s wedding. Rose is getting married to the love of her life. Manju is very happy as her daughter is happy and entering a new phase of life. Seeing her daughter getting the best Manju is overjoyed. Packing the things her and showing it to the relatives Manju says, “see this is the bathroom robe set for both of them, this is the dinner set for rose, this big box has all her clothes made from a designer store just the way she likes, this is the Gucci handbag her favorite. And this is the jimmy choo shoes all latest edition. The diamond bracelet she liked when she was 18. The solitaire she saw in the shop. I haven’t told her about this will give her a surprise when she comes home after marriage.” Manju is running here and there for making all the arrangements so does virat.

The wedding ceremony takes place and just as she takes the final ‘phera’ manju cries and hides her tears.

She wipes her tears and greets all the relatives, looks forward to the arrangements that needs to be done. Being a mother she has many formal duties to do. She got busy in those and hid her tears.

When the time came for badai rose bursted out, hugging her daughter tight she said, “don’t worry my child everything will be fine.” Then she took rose till the ‘doli’ made her sit and watched her go. She controlled her tears while rose was in front of her. But as soon as she went Manju stood near the door, staring at her ‘doli’ and tears rolling down her eyes. Standing still and analyzing something. Virat came sobbing and asked Manju, “what are you analyzing now? She has gone…”

To this Manju replied, “time. Analyzing time, it moves so fast. It seems like just yesterday when I held her in my arms for the first time.”