This story is a small conversation between two brothers, The elder brother Suraj and the Younger brother Yash. Yash is mentally ill and Suraj is the only one who is working in the family, they have lost their father.

Yash sits dead center on his couch, staring out in a half-conscious. Some papers rest beside each other on the table before him. A Laptop also rests on the table and types out the thought, “Hello, invisible friend, my imaginary YOU. Nothing is clear…I’m awake but not conscious, my brain exudes neuron flashes, vibrating, attempting to ignite, stir me…this isn’t my life…aimless, it’s so terribly aimless…..” 

Suddenly, A thunderous knock snaps Yash out of his over-emotional babble. He hides his papers under the couch cushion and places his laptop in a nearby closet.  He sees Suraj at the door.

Suraj, “I heard some voice from the room”. Yash gets frightened and replies, “Brother! What happened”. “I am banging on the door for 10 minutes why didn’t you open it, you should be telling me what happened?” Suraj in a high tone. Yash tries to ease the tension and says, “Brother be calm, don’t be angry, you just tell me what happened.” Suraj asks Yash that do he remember what is today. Yash says he didn’t remember anything. So, Suraj says, ” Today is the interview.” Yash in Hurry, ” Oh shit! I forgot, I should leave by now.” Suraj in his angry mood shouts out, “Time is over yash, its 12 noon and the interview was scheduled at 11 am, I interviewer called me because you are not picking up the call, Why didn’t you go tell me right away!”

Yash picks up his phone and sees that he had many missed calls from the interviewer. He apologizes to his brother, Suraj who is in a very bad mood, and says, “That’s what you do, always I am banging the door that was also not hearable to you.  Yash suddenly interrupts and says, ” I will apply for a new company tomorrow”. “When? let me know also, about this company that you just lost, I applied for it, I made a resume for you. What have you done?” Suraj replied back.

Yash gets frustrated and replies back, “Okay, I got it. I know what I am doing.” after this, there is a deep silence for some time in the room. 

Suraj gets angry and replies to Yash,  ” I go to work, I handle the home, I take care of the family, I do everything. on top of that I should hear from you, what do you think who I am!” Yash in anger, ” Yes, you do, you own a house, Suraj Sir.” Suraj, “Day by day you are becoming disgusting, your place stinks, and you smell like roadside trash. Just surviving on the residuals from your one book! You’re a moron. Go get a job! Get out of your bubble and into the real world.” Yash, “Okay!”

Suraj notices some writing papers on the table. He picks them up and looks into it.  He says, “What is this? Are you writing again?” Yash, “They are nothing.” “Are you up to your medicine, have you taken them?” Suraj. Yash, “Yes.”

“Let me see your medicine kit and perception so that I get an idea have are you taking medicine on time or not”, Suraj. Yash, “Please don’t do that to me.” “You know what will happen to you if you do this, right?” Suraj. Yash looked low he looks down and replies back, “I know though….” Suraj snaps his fingers.  “Wake up! Yash, you can’t go back in life. You can only go forward. what happened has happened. Yash nods.   Suraj gathers up all of Yash’s writing materials and holds them.  Suraj says, “Yash. Dad is not alive now, why don’t you understand? Yash lets out a flash of anger.  Yash, “I am good, I am fine, Okay!

 Suraj becomes surprised by Yash’s sudden burst. Yash quickly cools down his rage..

Suraj leaves and shuts the door hardly while going.