In the serene town of Willowbrook, Oregon, a mysterious figure wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses walked into Oakridge Bank. Calm and collected, he handed the teller a note demanding all the cash in the bank. Swiftly complying, the teller filled a bag with money. Grateful, the enigmatic man nodded and left as easily as he had entered.

Once outside, he discarded his disguise, revealing himself as a cyclist clad in spandex. With a nonchalant attitude, he hopped on his bike and pedaled away. Near a garbage bin, he casually tossed aside some stacks of cash, keeping only two twenty-dollar bills. His true passion awaited him at the Willowbrook Velodrome.

In the summer of 1983, a young boy named Alex Turner was enthralled by the thrilling cycling races at the velodrome. The experience ignited a passionate fire within him, leaving an everlasting impression. Week after week, Alex amazed everyone with his natural talent, surpassing competitors in his age group. He dared to dream of Olympic glory, yearning to represent his country.

But as time passed, Alex’s dedication dwindled. He fell into a life of recklessness and lost sight of his dreams. Although he briefly pursued Olympic training, his lack of discipline led to disappointment. Frustrated, Alex turned to social work, hoping to find purpose.

However, the allure of grand ambitions never faded from Alex’s mind. He had a secret list of alter egos, and one caught his attention: “R.J. – The Bank Phantom.” Drawn to the legends of audacious outlaws in the region, Alex couldn’t resist the temptation.

In 1998, disguised as a famous musician, Alex embarked on his first bank heist. Successfully executing the theft, he found no satisfaction in the spoils. Instead, he discarded most of the money, realizing that his true passion lay in the exhilaration and challenge of cycling. From that transformative moment onward, Alex dedicated himself to reigniting his love for cycling and rebuilding his life. Though his Olympic dreams had faded, he sought solace in the sport’s profound joy. Alex’s journey became a testament to personal growth, resilience, and the pursuit of true purpose.