This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 40: Interrogation of Muthuraman

Date: 24th July 2012, Monday

Place: Porunthavakkam


Pugazhendhi took his gun and pointed at the head of Muthuraman.

Pugazhendhi said, “Now tell us where the tempo traveller and the robots are?”


Muthuraman said, “Sir, I don’t know anything”

Kannan said, “We have solid evidence against you”


Muthuraman said, “Sir, I will tell what I know, but they will kill me”

Kannan said, “We will protect you”


Muthuraman said, “No, you can’t “

Pugazhendhi said, “Tell us the truth”


Muthuraman said, “My friend Viswanath is having the tempo right now”

Pugazhendhi asked, “Who is he and where is right now?”


Muthuraman said,”Viswanath is having a warehouse in Othivakkam”

Pugazhendhi asked, “What kind of warehouse?”


Muthuraman said, “A warehouse to store imported dress material”

Pugazhendhi asked,”hmmm…is the tempo there?”


Muthuraman said, “Yes, but if they come to know that I have told the truth, they will kill me”

Pugazhendhi asked, “How many people are there?”


Muthuraman said, “There may be 10 to 15 people”

Pugazhendhi asked,”Viswanath sits there right?”


Muthuraman said, “Yes sir”

Pugazhendhi asked, “Is there any CCTV camera fixed in that warehouse?”


Muthuraman said, “Yes sir, on the front gate side”

Pugazhendhi asked, “what about the rear side?”


Muthuraman said, “Rear side there is no gate, but people may be in watch keeping”

Pugazhendhi asked, “Who is the boss for Viswanath?”


Muthuraman said, “I don’t know sir, I will get only instructions”

Pugazhendhi said, “And you will give your vehicle to thieves?”


Muthuraman said, “You can’t understand sir”

Pugazhendhi said, “What?”


Kannan said, “You idiot”

Pugazhendhi said, “Sir, what can we do now?”


Kannan said,”Mmm…we need to arrest that Viswanath immediately”

Pugazhendhi said, “But he says there is a group of guys”


Kannan said, “We will make some of the guys from the spy axes team to stay here”

Pugazhendhi said,”mmm…ok sir”


Kannan said, “Then we will go to the warehouse”

Pugazhendhi said,”mmm…that will be a good idea”


Kannan took his mobile phone and dialled to Yoganand.

Yoganand answered the call, “Hello sir”


Kannan said,”Yoganand, we have got the culprit”

Yoganand said, “Great sir”


Kannan said, “Now you send 2 guys from the team of spy axes here”

Yoganand said,”Ok sir”


Kannan said, “And be ready, we need to go to Othivakkam”

Yoaganand said,”Ok sir”


Kannan disconnected the call.

The time was 6.45 p.m. at that time.


Pugazhendhi said, “Sir, the night time is about to start”

Kannan said,”mmm…I know”


Pugazhendhi said, “We have 15 men and robots”

Kannan said,”mmm…yes”


Pugazhendhi asked, “What are we going to do?”

Kannan said, “We should not lose time”


Kannan added, “So we will go straight to that place”

After five minutes two members from the Spy axes team came to Muthuraman’s house.

They knocked the door.


Pugazhendhi opened the door for them.

Kannan asked, “What are your identification numbers?”


They said, “We are 7 & 8”

Kannan said,”Ok 7 and 8, you are responsible for this guy”


They said,”Ok sir”

Kannan said, “There is a lady locked up in that room”


Kannan added, “Until we complete our operation, nobody moves out from here”

They said,”Ok sir”


Kannan said, “There are some food items available in the kitchen here”

Kannan added, “You people can use them”

They said,”Ok sir”


Kannan said,”Ok, take care, come on pugazh let us go”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok sir”


They came out of the house.

The 7 and 8 of Spy axes locked the door from inside.


Kannan and Pugazhendhi walked to the car.


(To be continued)