This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 29: A Murder Plot

Date: 22nd July 2012, Sunday

Place: Pazhamathur, Meyyur, and Suburbs


Senthil said, “We will cover our faces by wrapping clothes around it”

Arumugam said,”Ok”


Senthil said,”ok, let us go”

The car started and moved from the place.


Pugazhendhi shook up Prabhu from his sleep.

Prabhu woke up and asked, “What man?”


Pugazhendhi said, “Come on, hurry up start the bike”

Prabhu asked, “Why are you so anxious?”


Pugazhendhi said, “A Murder plot man”

Prabhu said, “Where?”


Pugazhendhi said, “They went towards Meyyur, come on, I will explain everything later”

On hearing that, Prabhu took the bike out of the bushes.


Both of them came out of the bushes to the side road.

Prabhu started the bike.


Pugazhendhi sat behind him.

Pugazhendhi checked his mobile for a map and identified the road towards Meyyur.


He directed Prabhu towards that road.

Pugazhendhi said, “Turn off the head light on the bike and ride it”


Prabhu said,”Ok, I will”

After ten minutes they reached a point where there were two diverging roads.


One was on their right side and the other was the straight road.

Pugazhendhi said, “You go on the right side road”


Prabhu rode the bike on the right side road.

After five minutes, Pugazhendhi said, “Stop”


Prabhu stopped the two-wheeler.

At some distance, the Tata Sumo got parked on the left side of the road.


Nobody was there in the car.

They left their bike and walked towards the car.


Both of them checked the car.

They peeped through the window.


In the back side, there were some sickles in it.

Pugazhendhi said, “This is the car using which they came”


Prabhu asked, “Who?”

Pugazhendhi said, “Those murderers”


Prabhu asked, “Where are they now?”

Pugazhendhi said, “They have gone to kill a man”


Prabhu said,”Oh! My god, are we in time?”

Pugazhendhi said, “Yes, first I will shoot one of this tyre”


Prabhu asked, “Why?”

Pugazhendhi said, “Because, we will not allow them to pass through beyond this point”


Prabhu said, “Don’t shoot, I have a knife, puncture it”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok, give me the knife”


Prabhu gave the knife to Pugazhendhi.

Pugazhendhi stabbed the rear left side tyre.


He pulled out the knife.

Gas started escaping from the tyre in a slow manner.


He gave the knife back to Prabhu

Pugazhendhi said, “come on we need to go now”


Prabhu asked, “Where?”

Pugazhendhi said “See, the foot marks are running towards west”


Prabhu said, “Are you going to encounter them in a direct manner?”

Pugazhendhi said, “Yes, we have a gun right?”


Prabhu said, “It is a 100 percent risk man”

Pugazhendhi said, “But we need to take it”


Pugazhendhi started to run in the direction of the footprints.

Prabhu also ran after him.


Prabhu held the knife in his hands in a tight manner.

After five minutes of run, they reached a place from where an isolated house was there.


Four men were walking near the house to reach it.

Pugazhendhi hurried near them.


Pugazhendhi said, “I am going to shoot them in their legs, you get down”

Prabhu fell on the ground.


Pugazhendhi shot one of the guys in his legs.

He fell down and all the three split on hearing the gun sound.


Arumugam shouted,”Oh! My god, Senthil got shot”

Pugazhendhi realized that he has shot Senthil.


The lights inside the house got switched on by someone, due to the sound of the gunshot.

Pugazhendhi took another shot on another guy.


He also fell down.

Arumugam came running towards Pugazhendhi.


But Pugazhendhi shot him in his right leg below his knee point.

Pugazhendhi said, “We have got three men down”


Prabhu got up from the ground and looked out for the fourth men.

He was running for life on the southern side.


Prabhu said, “See there”

Pugazhendhi shot him aiming at his legs.


He too fell down on the ground.


(To be continued)