This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 27: A Prepared Coffee

Date: 22nd July 2012, Sunday

Place: Pazhamathur, Chengalpattu


Pugazhendhi woke up in the morning at 7 O clock.

He prepared breakfast for both of them.


Prabhu was in his home at Arasar Koil.

At 8.30 a.m. Pugazhendhi packed the breakfast and left Palayanoor.


He reached Arasar Koil at 8.45 a.m.

Both of them had their breakfast.


After their breakfast, they laid on their beds and closed their eyes.

As planned, they had a good sleep.


They got up at 2 O clock in the afternoon.

Prabhu asked, “Where will we go for lunch?”


Pugazhendhi said, “We will go for any restaurants in highway”

Both of them had their lunch in a highway restaurant.


After their lunch, they came back to Arasar Koil and started to sleep again.

The time was 6 O clock in the evening when they woke up again.


Prabhu asked, “Will we go now?”

Pugazhendhi said, “We will do some preparations”


Prabhu asked, “What kind of preparations?”

Pugazhendhi said, “We both of us will change our costumes”


Prabhu asked, “What costume do you suggest?”

Pugazhendhi said, “White shirt and white dhoti”


Prabhu said,”Oh! Ok, then?”

Pugazhendhi said, “We will roam around some shops”


Prabhu said, “So we are going to present ourselves like village people”

Pugazhendhi said, “Yes”


Pugazhendhi asked, “Do you have a white shirt and white dhoti?”

Prabhu said,”hmmm…no”


Pugazhendhi said,”Ok, I will give you”

Prabhu said,”ok”


Pugazhendhi said,”Ok, refresh yourself, we will go to my house”

Prabhu got refreshed by taking a bath.


After that, both of them went to Pugazhendhi’s house.

Pugazhendhi had his bath in his house.


After that, both of them dressed up themselves with a white shirt and white dhoti.

Pugazhendhi loaded his gun with bullets.


He placed his gun inside his dhoti near his abdomen.

He wore a belt over the dhoti to hold the gun to prevent from falling down.


Pugazhendhi said, “Tonight you ride the bike and I will sit behind you”

Prabhu asked, “Any specific reason?”


Pugazhendhi said, “I am having my gun right”

Prabhu asked, “So what?”


Pugazhendhi said, “I want to be free, I don’t want to ride”

Prabhu said,”ok, I will ride”


Pugazhendhi said, “First we will have our dinner and then we will go to chengalpattu”

Prabhu said,”Ok”


They locked Pugazhendhi’s house and got over Prabhu’s bike.

Both of them left Palayanoor at 8 O clock in the night.


They had their dinner at a roadside hotel.

They reached Chengalpattu at 9 O clock.


They rode their bike in and around Chengalpattu without any purpose.

Nobody knew about their purpose of visit.


At 9.30 p.m. they thought of having a coffee.

Both of them went to a coffee shop.


Pugazhendhi said to the shop owner, “Please bring us two coffee”

The Shop owner said, “Sir, there are two coffees prepared already”


Pugazhendhi asked, “Did you prepare them for somebody else?”

The shop owner added, “Two youngsters ordered the coffee”


The shop owner continued, “They got a phone call and ran away”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok, is the coffee hot?”


The shop owner said, “Yes sir”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok, give us”


The shop owner took a plate in which two cups of coffee was there.

He served them with that coffee.


Prabhu and Pugazhendhi had the coffee and paid for it.

They came out of the coffee shop.

They started the bike and left the place.


(To be continued)