YouTube is the largest and the most popular video hosting web portal around the world. The most sought-after entertainment platform that ranks 2nd to google! Out of the people that access the internet, most of them turn out to be apparent YouTube users!! Ever Wondered Why?

Are you aware of the fact that Visual impact or the power of visuals is far greater when compared to any other form of learning for achieving a high level of literacy? This can be well connected with actuality. Comprehensibility and the power of retaining information multiply manifold times as visuals, motions, and accompanying sounds stir emotions thereby influencing a person significantly. These experiences get indelibly etched in a person’s long-term memory and stay with them forever.

How about harnessing this engrossing potential of YouTube Video channels to roll in a gigantic pool of video-watchers and hype creating people to become an essential part of your book marketing campaign.

YouTube promotions are essential for strengthening an author brand, engaging readers, and building a large fan following. Apart from generating awareness about books and their authors, YouTube helps in increasing discoverability and reach to the masses. Our book marketing purposes agenda can be best propagated through other authors, experts, well-recognized readers, and other prominent YouTubers. incase you don’t know, an entire community of distinguished and well-celebrated authors is present on YouTube.

Collaborating with people that read and write in your genre, know better about this field, have prior knowledge gives you a chance to receive authentic feedback and get guided by the best. Also, you get to build your community plus distribute your book.

In addition to helping you sell more books and spreading the word, your personal YouTube channel can act as a source of income as well. The basic ones are monetizing your channel and the number of subscribers present on that youtube channel.

Useful Tips for Posting Videos

  • Create a Youtube channel
  • Post an Introductory Video.
  • Carve out a proper plan for encompassing all sorts of short to long videos well in advance.
  • Post on a predecided Scheduled time.
  • Invest in the proper equipment for recordings and filming space
  • Video Editing Software Versions should be up-to-the-mark
  • Add links within the YouTube Video Description that lead to your book listings
  • Stay Consistent and Regularly share videos on multiple social media platforms.
  • Encourage anonymous feedback and interaction by comments or any other means
  • Choose catchy titles for your videos
  • Keep Videos Short and Engaging.
  • Thumbnails should be awe aspiring and designed efficiently.
  • Quality, authenticity, and the theme of every video matter.
  • Grouping Series and Playlists together on youtube.
  • Work on YouTube SEO.
  • Don’t forget to include links and tags to your channel videos when posting about your books on different social media platforms.
  • Consider Filming multiple videos on the same day. This will save you time and is a highly productive filming strategy.
  • Introducing timestamps in the video description works wonders and is in high demand by viewers.

Ways to Sell More Books on YouTube

I have enlisted 40 ways underneath which can be used to promote books on YouTube:

Filming Exclusive Trailers For The Book

An epic book trailer can make a book stand out exceptionally well in the crowd of many. Combining the key highlights of any storyline with prototyping the major protagonists and antagonist roles into it is how we traditionally proceed with its working. Filming these moments with the right type of background music in a fascinating way will surely catch any viewer’s eye and will get it shared via video-sharing platforms. Mentioning who the trailer was narrated by adds to excitement among the fans eager for your upcoming book release.

The aforementioned three types of book trailers differ in many aspects let alone content from each other:

  1. Blurb Promotional Book trailers
  2. Book trailers that are Cinematic or Movie-like
  3. Fully – Animated Book trailers

Reaching out to people in smaller chunks

This will lend masses a rough idea about your book. You should always start with posting short and precise recorded videos that will acquaint people with the basic theme of your book and the idea that goes into composing it. Break down chapters or divide the book into major stages for easy comprehension by the readers. Remember to just give a briefing about the major plot in such a manner that mysteries remain unsolved and readers die to get their hold on the book as soon as they can.

Revealing the title of an upcoming release

Announcing the title of an upcoming release stir strong emotions between your fan followers. It sets them talking as to what will be present inside the covers of their new book. The Title Reveal introduces the book to them and concedes the fact that their wait is finally going to get over soon.

This ignites passion and people start following all social media handles of an author seeking enlightenment on the content of the book in reference. Also the right time for asking followers to sign in for newsletters interested in pursuing more updates regarding the release of the book.

Recording and Combining all Series Of “Book Readings”

Reading a chapter yourself from the book conveys the importance of the sequence of sentences in a way that their meanings fall in places keeping the listeners hooked for long. Favorite passages and phrases of an author read out loud help develop a better understanding of the plot to its readers.

Combine all book readings you undertook for a particular book and save it into a playlist! Readers often do come back for more and this playlist makes it easy for them to navigate through their beloved ones…

Making Author Insight Videos and Reels

Host reels and videos on youtube channels to gain recognition as an author among your soon-to-be readers. Share glimpses of “behind the scenes” working so that readers develop a deeper understanding of what drives you to write, help them reach the crux of the plot beneath the text, hidden message and get the basic concepts right from the very same person who turns out to be the sole mastermind behind the book.

This exercise also helps in gaining a deeper understanding of readers by the author, how they perceive his or her writings, and then optimizing the content as creators for better comprehensibility by the general audience.

A Quick Keek of your Upcoming release to your Fan Base

A short and quick live reel that flips through the pages of the new artwork and the theme behind would aid in generating anticipation among people besides serving the purpose. This will be enough to grab the attention of the media as well as establish a community or fanbase before the launch of the book.

Uploading Interviews with media and then bundling them together

Interviews with media and followers earn you a distinguished brand name. Moreover, it educates the masses about the book. Some say when readers do ‘meet the author’ and videos surfaces all over the web encasing their human encounter with behind-the-words person positively impact the audience, increasing the chances of being sighted or discussed by people who otherwise would have never been interested in the whereabouts of your book.

Cover unveiling video is mandatory

Featuring a cover revealing video that inculcates the best possible animations and unseen video graphics should be a big and splashy affair. Your book cover reveal can become a trendsetter for others as well! Don’t forget to include a thanking you message for the designing team and expressing regards towards the publisher for wrapping up your narrative in such a beautiful way!

Character Art Reveals Playlists

An Artist’s creativity for every character art reveal counts and can make magic happen! Character art reveals usually takes place one at a time. The primary characters and perhaps a few secondary ones are taken into consideration which later turns into a hot topic of discussion. You can attach a quintessential text description with that character art for notifying their characteristics to soon-to-be readers for referral purposes.

Go live with experts and professionals on Youtube

Reaching out to experts/scholars for reading and reviewing your book is the best of the best strategy that can be implemented for building a reputation among the author’s community; Both for yourself and your book. Reliability and Acceptability among the masses automatically increase if a well-known scholar or writer praises the way you have sketched your narrative and how it sounded to them. A classic way by which the positive influence of word-of-mouth raises the bar of promotions using YouTube.

Share Credible reviews received with masses on your channel

Simple graphics behind the completely amazing review pinning the person who wrote it with his or her signatures takes book endorsement strategies to yet another level. Posting a couple of words about the reviewer and being grateful to them for taking out their valuable time to do so, will win the goodwill of public viewers and masses present online in general. Bundle up a relative number of your reviews together in google docs and schedule their release on your Youtube Channel.

Video Ads or Music Releases

To inform or to create a remarkable buzz for driving sales of the new book; advertisements and music releases do play a crucial role. A catchy book marketing video and assigning exclusive music to a book provides a distinctive identity to it.

Moreover, adding that music to your book story on Facebook and Instagram or running Book Ad Video on various social media channels helps in delivering the significant aspects of your story to fan followers in an interesting cum trendy style.

Get in Partnership With Influencers in promotional reels

A live session in which influencers talk about your book on camera is more powerful than you can imagine. Finding influencers who follow or work in promoting books that too in your genre can be a tedious task to some extent. Involve influencers who have the required knowledge of the core theme of your book. Ask them to compare the content of your book to their own real-life experiences providing a new twist to the whole story.

Vlogs (video blogs) should be shared

Vlogging becomes essential time and again to maintain the buzz and interest of the general audience in your book. Take the help of your fan base to spread the word. Don’t overdo it or beg others to join in. Show them you enjoy making videos and are comfortable in front of the camera. Interact with as many people as you can. This exercise will help in increasing the number of subscribers on the book channel.

Run a YouTube book Giveaway contest

Running a YouTube book giveaway can fulfill ample purposes for an author. Free giveaways are always a source of mass participation and generate worldwide buzz, help in making preordered sales, distributing copies to many, getting hold of new leads, and increasing the reach of an author as a whole.

Checklist involves:

    1. Free sample of the book to be distributed
    2. Ebook or short sample of the story
    3. Bookplates and bookmarks for readers
    4. Stickers and Character art
    5. Other books that are written by you or your fellow authors
    6. Gift cards and Pins

Reveal contests or giveaway prizes in another video beforehand to allure fans in large numbers and to avoid any confusion at the last moment.

Exhibiting your Podcast appearances on youtube

An on-demand series of podcasts, increase exposure for your work and your name. Self podcasting your book will become another stream of revenue. While the episodes are free, sponsoring them will help you make money. This is an inventive and creative form of art in which storytelling has been reimagined into an entirely different format.

Audiobook Teasers

Audiobook teasers are created to draw the attention of non-readers and busy bees towards the initiative of authors’ compiling their novel in an audiobook for ease of understanding and the manifestation of a listener’s thoughts. Listeners truly feel gratified brimming over with excitement to know whether their narrator themselves will help them enlive this experience or any well-known person will narrate the whole story to them.

Writing progress Update Videos

Sharing your current writing progress of a novel with visitors on your channel – at what stage it is, how they plan to carry forward the process, an insight in planning layout, and a sneak-peek into certain ongoing publishing processes is posted by many authors on their channel. This keeps up the excitement quotient making readers come back to your channel for more updates time and again. Examples include- If your cover design is finalized and till what time your book will get ready…

Live Streaming with FAQs for the book

Encouraging opinions and cultivating discussions about the content in your book is not only appreciated by the core readers but attracts a lot more of them towards the book. Answering their doubts, interacting with them humorously, and addressing them on the personal front will attract more comments, likes, and subscribers on your AuthorsTube.

Explainer Videos about the book

In this competitive era, including explainer videos in your ebook package coming right from the author have a huge impact on the sales of the book. All essential pointers should be covered concisely for user-friendly listening to understanding and likewise easy to bring into play when needed.

Collaborations with other Authors or Co-promotions

Ever considered borrowing another author’s audience and mingling both of your fanbase for mass promotions. Team up with other writers in their releases, a great cross-promotional opportunity that can be harnessed in multiple ways:

  • Book reviews cross-sharing
  • Interviewing each other on a variety of subjects
  • Sharing experiences
  • Multiple-part video series broadcasting between author channels simultaneously
  • Combining it with a giveaway for counter fans

Keep in mind that this exercise turns out to be mutually beneficial for authors and planned purposefully for both of them.

Posting a book Unboxing video

To bring to the notice of the masses that the first copies of the book are already here will drive them crazy! Uploading this news on your Youtube channel with fans sharing it on social media platforms will get the scuttlebutt spreading as fast as fire. Preordering will start putting retailers and consumers on alert summoning undivided attention to your book.

Showing Them the Real You

Share news about the ongoings in your life from time to time with your fans. A slice or a pie of your real life as a writer always intrigues fans as they compare you with your writings. Sharing personal moments and giving them unique insights about your life lead individuals to develop a deeper connection with the author. We all are very well aware of the fact that connections that last even for shorter durations are those that will facilitate the sales of a particular book.

Showcasing Testimonials in Videos

Pay heed to professionals’ and experts’ testimonials to gain an upper hand during a book marketing campaign. Showcasing testimonials one after the other alongside the book with star ratings given by authentic readers is the most convincing way to skyrocket the current sale graph of the book in question.

An authentic acclaimed strategy for pulling in large masses of the audience towards your book so that their keenness invites sales both in the online and offline market.

Disclose copies of Books Ready to be Delivered

Spread this news and make the fever pitch in. Your fans should when they can finally get their hands on one. Give the final touch to your video adding a concluding remark. Mention if you are distributing something extra like stickers or a handmade bookmark with every book.

Announcing a book’s release tape

Announce your book release in an unusual manner accompanied by pizzazz of all sorts. This must satisfy all queries of any typical person and highlight the worth of your book; with rewarding consequences that directly determine the number of copies sold within the next few days.

Creating relevant How-to tutorials/ Educational Lessons

First-time explorers do get screwed up! Now is your chance to show them how it’s done. A step-by-step tutorial showing readers anything and everything they want to try their hands-on according to requests made should be included in How-to video tutorials. New concepts get better introduced this way!

An informative video that explains the content of your book, what the book is all about, synopsis, genre and reading category to which it belongs, how the chapters are divided, and the message that the author wants to convey through this book… Everything comes under Educational Lessons through the book to the masses.

Reel Revealing the Inspiration for your book

On the day of your book release, authors share what inspired or made them write the book. We often listen to other people’s stories or find ourselves reflecting deeply on happenings around us. Out-of-the-blues something strikes and their calling does provide the world with a narrative they never themselves thought of writing on the first hand.

If an author reveals the reason behind “what made them write the book?”, readers attach emotions and get intimate with the content of the book too.

 A video party online

A public event staged to involve the audience on any holiday creative-themed online video with many influencers or experts accepting the stage together is like creating a commercial bumper invitation for everyone to join in.

Share writing tips with aspiring writers

A direct and sure-shot way to flaunt your writing skills. Sharing valuable writing suggestions through creative animated videos of what and what not to with aspiring writers is highly admired within AuthorTube community members. it turns out to be highly fruitful for debut writers looking for a sincere piece of advice that works for them.

Author DIY Ideas

Original DIY ideas related to your book or author’s brand increase member engagement on the YouTube channel. Fans love getting DIY ideas directly from their favorite author and follow these without any further ado. You might find them showcasing their newly found skills on their social media handles sooner than you can think!

Crowdsourcing book ideas for the next books

Seek assistance and ask your readers what they want to read next. Calling out for ideas and suggestions makes fans valued as well as a big part of your writing process.

Garner attention to the Substantial Issues

Fancy broadcasting about yourself and not addressing the important issues or happenings crawling around you. Participate and speak in favor or disfavor about recent developments in society. Support major causes and organizations wholeheartedly as your followers will praise you for every bit of the contribution you make.

Share Impactful book’s tropes with new readers

Build up enthusiasm and energy among readers with a list of impactful tropes readers will find in their most awaited about-to-be launched book.

Stream a live book signing event

Livestreaming a book signing event with you autographing and handing out signed copies by yourself develops acceptability and a positive opinion in minds of beloved readers. Answering their questions to spending your precious time with them are gestures that are taken in high regard both by fan followers and the media in general.

A video that provides a glimpse of your workspace

Touring through your office, bookshelves, your reading and writing space get your fan base to know you better. An appropriate vision of you inside out, I must say. Apart from your fans, all others begin to reflect that you mean what you say, and what you say so shall happen.

Recommending or reviewing books from other Author’s

Whenever your readers turn to you, you should always have their back. Do recommend and review other authors’ books if questioned. Rate your picks in case asked for the best and worst books written so far in your genre and your personal choices in reading.

E-book marketing

A vital part of the book marketing strategy. Consider taking this on a Serious Note! Make interactive ebook videos and optimize them well for your readers.

Celebrate your Achievements and Acknowledge the Contributors

Multiply your happiness when a book hits bestseller lists, you are honored or acknowledged for your contributions by sharing it with people. Give credits and lend recognization to people involved and readers that made this happen through and through.

Sharing Author Problems

Deal with problems you encounter while writing and challenges you face on daily basis by sharing them with your enthusiasts. Difficulties like living in isolation, writer’s block, brainstorming through editing processes, not feeling creative or productive enough, world-building, not knowing from where to start, and finally not having enough to make ends meet can be amusingly shared with followers. Lighten your heavy heart with your subscribers and get motivated to Work for the sake of them!

Your goal should not be just to promote books but to entertain your viewers in a way they stay updated with the recent developments around you as well as those in the outside world. Media is powerful, use it wisely!

Remember, spend according to your pocket and in book marketing strategies that work in the favor of your book as well as you…