There are hundreds of different websites all over the web that help you reach out and get more reads, increase the visibility of your book to bloggers and reviewers, get authentic book reviews and finally help to find new readers interested in your genre. If your book is up on many websites and forums, you will gain access to all of the above-mentioned people that will automatically impact the number of noteworthy sales that your book will make. Here, I have compiled a list of the most popular book promotion sites visited by many based on my findings and those recommended by other authors.

Each website has its own set of requirements for a book to get accepted in the free category of book promotions

A good book cover, number of reviews on the book, type of content, length or number of words, genre to which it belongs, the specific ability to promote box sets to where else it can be promoted and a lot many different criteria to upload anything on a particular website.

I have listed some free book promotion websites here based on their rankings on the internet, trust among the masses, ease of access and the best-recommended ones by my coworkers. Consider going through the first 50 listings before a strong take in my opinion.

Top Websites to Promote Your Book for FREE

1. Goodreads

Goodreads allows books, annotations, blogs, quotes, reviews and discussions to be shared among all its members to improve the process of reading cum learning throughout the world. Users can generate library catalogs, reading lists and suggest books freely to others. Also, they can access and participate in contests, quizzes, author interviews, poetry and giveaways.

2. Wattpad

Wattpad is a global community that consists of 90 million readers and writers who get together to publish and read e-books. Another very popular website among authors and their enthusiasts.

3. KindleBoards

KindleBoards is a community where authors and enthusiasts come together online to discuss writings, publishing, reviews, advertising materials, classifieds with everything all about books.

4. Library Thing

Library Thing is a website that is entirely free used for storing as well as sharing books and their catalogs.

5. Scribd

Scribd services are somewhat similar to Wattpad. They provide the most convenient deals for online reading and for author’s script uploading purposes.

6. is a free site for readers that is the house of a ton of awesome features both for book lovers and authors. More than 1 million active members are present here from all over the world.

7. Booksie

Share your short stories, poems, articles, essays, novels, and more around the globe with Booksie for free of cost!

8. BookBrowse

BookBrowse is a sort of online magazine that gives a brief about the book, showcases book previews, reading guides, and provides access to the author’s details and book review discussions. Both free and premium content is offered to the subscribers of this website.

9. Authors Den

Authors Den is a website that connects authors not only to readers but lets authors interact, help, share, review each other’s work and also guide their readers through and through.

10. is an online community for writers that is best known for the creative environment for interaction between readers and writers. Strong support and motivation to all categories of interests or skillset within writing is provided plus appreciated by the whole community.

Other Free and Paid Websites to Promote Your Book

Free book marketing websites are all about where to find publishers, book bloggers, their reviewers and readers. The website serves as a medium through which an author enters the book market with his or her new book and acknowledges the readers with their book presence.

Hope you find these listings of some help to you!!