Friendship is bond that keeps life going.


“Who is that?” an enthusiastic six-year old asked turning to her mom. Her mom, a thirty-five year old looked pale and exhausted. She glanced at her daughter and replied, “That is a very dear friend of mom’s”

“Why doesn’t she visit us then?” her eyes sparkled in sunlight. Her mother sighed, “That’s because she has a life which is far beyond our reach. She doesn’t want to be disturbed”


Her mother hugged from side saying, “Why don’t we both have a hot chocolate?”

She jumped on her feet and ran inside. Mother relaxed her shoulders and followed her daughter.


Susan walked across the room worried what is going on. She glanced at her boyfriend, Nate who was watching her with a smile. She put her hands on her hips asking, “What?”

He shook his head, “Nothing. You look cute when you are worried”

She rolled her eyes and continued pacing across the room. He sat back with his hands on his knees saying, “You know it is weird that we are in a hospital and we are not in the age to be sitting in maternity ward”

She glared back at him saying, “She is my best-friend. I have be here for her. You can go if you want to go”

He replied, “Babe, I am here for you. I am scared but I am here”

She sat next to him saying, “I know. And I am sorry for being that but it’s just that…I am worried about her. She is inside and I am here”

He squeezed her hand, “I know”


“Mom, mom” kid yelled at top of her voice. Mother replied from kitchen, “In here”

She came to her and said, “Mom, what is my blood group?”

Mother had her eyebrows furrowed, “Why do you need that?”

She shrugged, “It’s just that I want to donate my blood”

Mother burst in laughter, “Oh honey, you are really small. You can’t donate blood. When you become adult, you can donate blood that time”

She lowered her head, “Oh, can you donate blood?”

“Yes I can. Why?”

“Because Bubbles has a cut and he needs blood”

Mother went down her knees and kissed her daughter, “Sweetheart, bubbles is a teddy bear. I’ll sew him. He doesn’t need blood”

“Really, so he’s not dying?”

Mother shook her head with a big smile, “No, he’s not”


“We need blood. Lots of it” nurse informed another nurse. Susan sat on the chair with her hands shaking. She looked at Nate who was worried too. He hugged her and said, “Everything will be fine”


“Daddy” the kid shouted as the average looking man entered the house. He picked her hug and asked, “How was the day princess?”

She replied, “Good, you know mom made hot chocolate for me”

He widen his eyes to show excitement, “She did?”

The kid nodded and kissed her dad.


“Take care of her” Rose said giving the kid to Susan. She kissed her daughter and said, “I know you are my best-friend and you’ll be a great mom. Just keep her happy, please and don’t let her know about me”

Susan was shocked on getting the new responsibility. She had tears in her eyes to see her best-friend dying in front of her eyes. She nodded, “I promise to take care of her as my own daughter. I promise”


Best-friend is not just a person. It is the friend whom you can trust with anything.