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Naina was living a better life now as compared to the one she was living  for such a long time. She didn’t even remember the last time she laughed with her family. Ritu and her mother in law who became the angels to her life sent by God himself had became an important part in her life. She was happy.

Ritu’s mother in law told Naina about the satsang- a spiritual discourse or religious gathering that used to take place daily in their locality. Knowing about that, Naina felt really happy after knowing so. She always wanted to be part of it because this gives  positivity to mind as well as soul. First day at satsang was really great. She was introduced  to everyone over there and was surprised to see so many good people together. This was  time she was waiting for in her lifetime. She was feeling as if all of her wishes are accomplished  because she wanted peace of mind and soul, love from people around her and care of the people.

She got everything she wanted from the company of best people she ever met in her life.

Gradually, she learned so many new things over there on how to control her emotions, anger, and the feeling of being alone. She was consoled that life is going to be peaceful now as she was in the company of right people. The company of good people all around you is the only sign and the best sign that shows you have done good deeds.

She was very much thankful to Ritu’s family for being so generous and supporting to her. She felt bad that she couldn’t do anything for them and the reason was her being very old.

She was getting older and had reached her 70s. Now  The health issues were the major problems and they were more aching than all the worldly problems. She used to travel alone. Whether she needed to meet her boss where she worked and his wife or some temple because his son didn’t have time to accompany her and her daughter in law never cared for her. Except these two and her grandchildren.

She had none to have blood relation with her. But there were many people who loved and cared for her beyond anything.

Naina was fully satisfied with all the happenings of her life. She was afraid while thinking that her life would end some day and she would no longer be able to enjoy  the company of those good people who motivated her to live longer and with a smile On her face. Once she was returning from a temple by metro. There, she asked for help from  someone while going through the stairs. She was helped but that man took her through the escalator where she couldn’t balance herself. While  trying to get off there, she got her hand fractured.

She couldn’t realize it at that moment. When she returned home, she  could feel the pain in her right hand. She told  about that to her daughter in law who took her to the doctor. The doctor asked them for an X-ray after which anything could be done.

Till then, she was admitted to the hospital. Being so old, Naina couldn’t control the pain. She was feeling very weak. She felt as if her soul is going to leave her body as soon as possible. She prayed to God continuously to die peacefully. She had seen everything in her life and all the happenings of her life revolved in her mind.

The X-ray report came and they got to know about her fractured hand. It was treated and she returned to her home. She was fine then. Ritu and her mother in law were also worried about Naina. She asked them not to worry as God would take care of everyone. She was recovering from that state.

Then, everything had become normal. Naina started visiting satsang and meeting her friends. One month passed, Naina was happy with the things going smoothly. One day, she was feeling ill and she kept resting in her room. Her daughter in law went in the evening to ask her about what she will eat in the dinner.

She saw her  lying on the bed. When she asked her, Naina didn’t reply. She thought  that she has passed away. She later noticed that she was breathing. Naina heard her voice But didn’t recognize her. She had either lost her vision or memory. When her son returned from office, he communicated with her but Naina only waved her hand. She had a tear in her eye and that showed she could still feel the warmth of love.

She smiled. Ritu’s family also came to see her. When the people of satsang also gathered around her. She could feel the presence of all the generous people around her. All the people sang beautiful songs pertaining to God to make  her soul rest in peace. Her son and daughter in law cried but nothing could be undone.

Naina’s soul left her body with peace. Her daughter in law still misses her. She misses how she smiled in the company of good people. There were many words that remained unsaid by her. She regret it even today. Life is short. It’s better to love others and be lovable than staying alone. Love the creatures made by God to show Him respect and  unconditional love.