Ankita and Rimi are best friends, they are very close friends, they used to call about three or four times a day and tells each other of what happened, they share all small things. Ankita stayed in another city for studies and Rimi used to study from his hometown. Both of them are single in this generation and their desires are also similar and so they did not find anyone as a lover. This friendship is about eight years. However, the friendship has deepened since two years ago, Rimi is an introvert and Ankita is opposite though this personality of Rimi is not effective for Ankita, it was for others. Thus their day is going well, Ankita also come home and they both hung out a lot. Suddenly one day Ankita’s friend asks her to download an app called Bumble, where one can choose one’s boyfriend or girlfriend, Ankita also told Rimi about this, then both of them download that app. Meanwhile, Ankita finds someone of her choice, Rimi doesn’t. However, all they talk about after that is about Ankita’s boyfriend, although none of them could propose anyone but everything is going well. After 2 months, suddenly Ankita’s boyfriend started paying less attention to her. Ankita is a bit scared because she has already fallen in love with him, So she decides to propose first. Her boyfriend lives in Chennai, he came to visit her once, after that, the rest of their conversation is on the phone. Ankita tries hard but cannot propose to him, she repeatedly tells Rimi about this and asks her for ideas. One day Rimi decides she can’t bear her friend’s suffering anymore, so she herself tells her boyfriend about everything. But she doesn’t get any positive response from her boyfriend. She cannot hide this from Ankita and informs her about it, also she felt sorry for it. But Ankita misunderstands Rimi, her contact with her boyfriend suddenly stopped and all the blame goes to Rimi for this. Her boyfriend might have wanted to do the same. Ankita then suspects that her boyfriend is having an affair with Rimi, she doesn’t believe Rimi’s words and starts misunderstanding her, even though Rimi understands a lot, she doesn’t want to understand. This is how Rimi’s relationship with her is slowly destroyed, and she also blames Rimi for ruining her relationship. Her contact with Rimi also stopped completely, Rimi calls her but she feels annoyed. Now Rimi stopped calling her Because she thinks the fault may have really been her. This is how a beautiful friendship is lost for a short acquaintance or maybe for love.