After searching for the boy, Cleaver and Cimeter reach their headquarters. Deba also reached right before them. Cleaver enters the boss’ room first to have a talk with him. “Kiridashi! You messed up big time.” said Cleaver. “Hahaha… I know! But does it matter?” replied Kiridashi. “Now call the others as well, I have some news.” continued Kiridashi. “Fine!” saying this Cleaver calls others to Kiridashi’s room. Deba and Cimeter enter his office with a sigh. “Everyone, forget about the boy. Focus on the girl. We have to set the deal in two days. Deba you are in charge of the girl, take care of her. Cleaver and Cimeter, don’t think about the boy, leave him be after all what can he do anyway. Well moving on, we have another mission already. This next deal will bring us even more fortune. Our target is a nineteen year old girl. She lives in the same town as this one. So be more careful this time.” said Kiridashi. “Look who’s talking! You should be more careful!” scolded Cleaver. “Ok. Ok.” replied Kiridashi. “All dismissed!” Kiridashi continued. Deba and Cimeter left the room. Cleaver stayed back to talk to Kiridashi. “You know this girl?”Cleaver asked. “What girl?” “The new deal…” “Oh, her! She is ‘his’ sister.” “You seem you like that family too much, huh!” “Not like, I love that family.” “Hmm, if I were you, I would have stayed away from that family. They reek of bad luck.” “Bad luck or not, she fits the deal, so I chose her. There’s nothing more to it.” “Oh, I see. This time, be more careful!” After advising Kiridashi, Cleaver left his office and found his way towards a dark and a cold room. The mere sight of the room can give anyone the chills. Taking slow and heavy steps, Cleaver approached the door. The door had a small window through which the light of the hallway could pass through. Through that window, Cleaver said, “Your family is really unfortunate, Ghol. Our next deal is your sister. Sorry for your loss. I hope at least you can be free sometime soon. Look at you Ghol, you’ve become weak. If this goes on, you never know when you will breathe your last… I cannot do anything other than showing sympathy. I’m sorry, Ghol.” Saying this Cleaver left from the corridor and went out to meet with Deba and Cimeter.

“He’s awfully late for a small talk.” Sighed Deba. “Well, you know him. Anyway while waiting, let’s go check up on the girl?” asked Cimeter. “Huh, if I want to check up I’ll do it alone. No need for your help.” “Talk about giving hand to a lady.” “Well, this lady doesn’t need your help.” “How’s she doing?” a loud noise from the end of the corridor echoed. “Oh! Finally, you’re here.” Sighed Deba. “Sorry for being late. Anyway, it was just a small talk. So about the girl, did you guys checked up on her?” Asked Cleaver. “Well, this lady doesn’t want us to accompany her.” Said Cimeter. “Huh, I was telling that I won’t check with you but I never said about Cleaver. Let’s go Cleaver, let’s check up on her.” Replied Deba. “What! That’s… it’s… huh!” cried Cimeter. “Let’s go without delay then.” Hurried Cleaver.

Deba and Cleaver started walking towards the room where Irene was held. “She seemed fragile.” Deba said with a concerned voice. “Fragile or not, we have to take care of her till the deal.” “Talk about having no heart.” “All women are the same, being ruled by their heart. Deba, if you want to work here you should forget about feelings.” “Hahahahaha! Me and feelings? That is the funniest thing I have heard. Let’s not forget who was the one who did not kill some person because of their feelings.” “Ha-ha. Let’s all laugh at the fact I did not complete a mission. But still, you have a soft corner for the girl, isn’t that right?” “Oh, Cleaver… maybe I do have a soft corner for her. She reminded me of my past.” “Sorry for reminding you.” “It’s alright. I am happy to have met you, Cleaver.” “I see.” Said Cleaver with a grin on his face. They reached near the door of the room. Irene was sleeping very calmly on her bed. “She looks like an angel.” Said Deba. “Angel or not, she will leave us soon. Get her ready for it.” “Ok, Cleaver.” Cleaver left Deba with Irene and went out of the headquarters.

To be continued…