The night was cold. It had a dire sound of sadness with the dark weather. The window now became the doors to a place where there was nothing but melancholy. Not even a tiny ray of hope could be found in his room. The outside weather behaved as if it was mirroring Arden’s melancholy. Arden’s room was so silent that the tick-tock of the clock was sounding like the drums of a battle cry. His sadness seeped through his room, his mother and his sister could feel it. “What should I do, Mom?” asked his sister Irene. “In times like this, silence is the best answer, my dear.” replied his mom. Maybe silence is truly what we can offer to someone going through the bad times. After all what words could she award that would make her son a little less sad? Only time can heal wounds like these. Or maybe time just helps you adjust with the fact. The clock struck twelve, the time came that changed him.

The eerie cold breeze was becoming strong. It became strong enough to make Arden shiver. Shivering, wanting to feel warm, he got up from the bed to close the window. The lights of his room were out so he could see the outside world quite clearly. It seemed as if something or rather someone was calling out to him. Someone wanted to grab his attention towards something. He went towards the window to close it only see a little girl being kidnapped by a tall figure. The figure probably is of a man as you could see his broad shoulders under the thick coat. Arden was startled to see the crime happening but his distress had overtaken him. He didn’t even feel to urge to save that girl. He just stood there and watched the crime being unfold.

“Are you not going after him?” asked a voice in the darkness. “No! It’s not like it is my sister. So, I don’t care.” said Arden. “What if she is your sister?” asked the voice again. “That’s not possible, my sister is safe in this house. No one can come in without my knowledge. It’s impossible. Anyway my mother is there with her. They are safe.” said Arden. He was not even moved by this mysterious voice. His sorrow sent him to a place where he could not feel anything but sadness. He didn’t even bother to look for the voice. But the voice continued, “Why don’t you take look on your family? Anyway what harm can it give you?” suggested the voice. “I’ll look tomorrow.” said Arden in a depressing tone. “And what about the girl? Don’t you want to save her?” asked voice with a sense of concern. “I’m probably dreaming nothing of that sort can happen in this neighbourhood.” said Arden as if reassuring himself. “Well then, what are you going to do now?” asked the voice. “I’m… going to close this window and sleep.” Saying this Arden closes his window and heads for the bed. He trips over the leg of the table in the pitch black darkness and hurts his hand only to find it bleeding. In the quest for first aid kit, he head out of his room to be welcomed by nothing but destruction. The cupboards were broken and over the ground. Papers were all over the place. It looked like a burglary took place in there. Everything was broken. He called for his mom and his sister. His call was met with silence. He became worried and went to check each room and in the kitchen he found something that broke his already broken mind even more. He found his mother dead… with blood all over the place… and his sister missing. It was now that he realised that he didn’t see a dream and that someone was actually kidnapping his sister. He realised his stupidity and cried out loud. But no one was there to hear him but the voice from the darkness. “Don’t worry, Arden! We will find your sister and bring justice to your mother.” “Who are you?”asked Arden. “Don’t worry about me. You cannot see me but you can hear me. I am your friend. That is all you need to remember, Arden.” said the voice from the darkness in a calm yet powerful voice.

To be continued…