“Don’t you ever show me your face again.” My wife yelled at me.

“Don’t worry darling I will never be back,” I yelled much louder than her. We both had a furious fight. It was our routine to fight on different petty topics. It was now like having a meal; it was so common for us. But this time, I thought let us finish this up. I want a divorce, that’s it. I called my lawyer.

“Nithin, prepare the divorce papers as quickly as possible,” I said in anger.

“Are you sure inspector? I mean maybe you can patch up with your wife once again. If you want I can even provide a marriage counselor.” He was my friend, he wanted good for me. He never wanted this divorce to take place. Just because of him, I was able to withstand this marriage for 4 long years.

“No Nithin, I want you to prepare…..” I had to stop because my phone has put the other caller on hold. “I will talk to you after a minute. I have some work to do. But see to it, you will take my side during the court proceedings” I cut the phone and picked the other caller.

“Yes, Raghav what happened.” Raghav was my junior inspector.

“Sir, one girl has committed suicide here in Malad area.”

“Oh, you proceed. I will be there within a few minutes.” I said and left.


“Sir, an overdose of sleeping pills.” Raghav showed me an empty bottle of sleeping. Girl’s body was lying on the bed and her parents were weeping and shouting her name. I tried to console them. But all went in vain. It was difficult for them to accept the death of their only child.

“Any suicide note or something?” I asked Raghav. He gave me a letter. It was her suicide note. I started reading it.


I still remember that first smile we shared while looking at each other in our relative’s marriage. I still remember our conversations on Facebook. I started with ‘Hi’ and then you took over the conversation for hours and still when we meet face to face, we both pretended to know nothing about each other. It was a fun exercise for us.

Eventually, we became best friends of each other. We shared every joy and every sorrow. We were like a single soul in two different bodies. We loved same movies, same food, same kind of music, we had everything in common. Even in the night when my mobile’s screen lights up I remember you and found your name flashing there.

I don’t know when this friendship turned into love. I tried to tell you but was afraid to lose our friendship also. I knew that you also loved me, but you never took a step forward. I waited for you until the end. But when I heard about your marriage talks, I felt like losing you. That’s why I told you everything I felt about you. You said nothing. It was heartbreaking for me. You didn’t talk to me for so many days, I thought that I lost myself!

Hope you will be there for me in my next life.

Yours Lovingly,



Aditya was his name, her boyfriend’s name. When I send Raghav to his home and told him about Disha’s death. Aditya family was in shock. They said that they were planning of marriage of Disha and Aditya. Aditya wanted to give a surprise to Disha. Then Raghav heard a gun shot. It was from Aditya’s room. Aditya was dead. He shot himself.


I was stunned, after seeing the love of Disha and Aditya. I always thought that love only exists in stories, not in real life. 

I loved her, my wife. The first thing which I remember after seeing the love story of Disha and Aditya was the memories of my love with my wife. Yes, we fight but that’s our way to show love to each other.

That day I entered my house and went to the kitchen beside my wife and hugged her. She allowed her tears to flow down her eyes and she smiled with happiness. And I was equally overjoyed.

I wished for the reunion of Disha and Aditya in heaven.

cover picture courtesy – 123RF.com