This story is about a child fighting with his life problems and getting stronger by each passing day. 


Power gone. No light. Total blackout. This was the atmosphere of the night where this boy Jack was living. He was trying to sleep on his small and cushy bed to overcome the stress of his morning work when suddenly rain starts and with it lightning and thunderstorm too. He got frightened and tensed. At that season of winter he was sweating like crazy. He almost made his handkerchief wet and still was sweating out of fright. He instantly closed his eyes and then started to visualize his childhood memories which gave him pleasure and relaxation.

Jack was intelligent, smart, teetotaler and a charming boy in his school times. He was popular and in the good books of teachers. He used to secure highest marks every time and outshine in his class. Not only he performs well in his studies but he excels in sports as well. He was the captain of the football team and was a part of many games. He loved to play football day and night. It was like a drug which was difficult to get rid of. He had a bunch of friends who used to hangouts and those were his best moments of the day.

But with every rising star there are enemies placing hurdles at every step of victory.

Jack too had many rivals that were waiting for a single right moment to ruin his life. The best quality which made him different from others is that he always respects everyone. Even if someone has abused him in one way or the other but he don’t take revenge. He used to help everyone, whether friend or foe. He never said “no” to anyone who needed his help. Sometimes, his friends explain him not to be get “used” by everyone. They used to clarify that he should see who actually needs help and who not. But Jack always suppress the topic by saying, “life is short my dear friends. It doesn’t matter to me that who’s using me. I always learn somewhere something. If someone is using me then that’s their mistake because it gives me lesson to do things more in a right way. I get to learn strategies which are employed by the people to get their work done. So, helping people eventually helps me and hence enhance me.” Finishing the speech Jack wickedly winked at his friends. Friends getting his message said, “Cheers to all!!!”, and they started drinking and enjoying the moment. Jack was such a positive figure that he sees positivity in everything. Even with negative side he still takes out a deep but positive meaning.

But one day, something evil occurred. It came out to be a horrible thing which has made marks on Jack’s life and it became impossible to remove them. Jack’s life was totally changed after that.

It was like his mind has stopped thinking positive aspects and began pointing out errors in everything. On that day his rivals won and he lost. He lost himself. He lost everything but was grieved to lose himself. That night came out to be the largest one. As usual he was practicing alone with his football in the lawn, that night too he did the same. Busy playing with the ball he didn’t hear the sound of footsteps approaching him. When the opponents had surrounded him, he then calmly kept the ball aside and was puzzled. He was confused but curious to know what made his enemies surround him so late at night. The instant Jack took out his cell phone he was beaten hard on his hand by a bat. His phone fell down and shattered like a glass. Jack was still confused and tried to decipher what was actually going on. He then started to revolt. He struggled hard but in vain. He stood up and started attacking with all his strength left in him. He fought really hard but was alone. The rivals attacked him and started kicking him until he no longer had strength to fight back. The enemies then blindfolded him and pushed him in a van. Jack was thrown in a room full of darkness with no light.

His hands were tied with rope and his mouth covered with handkerchief as that of hostages. Now Jack was totally disturbed and wanted to get out of that hell. He shouted hard as hard as he could but that all was in vain. Nobody heard a word that night. In the darkness Jack was beaten by rods, bats, sticks, etc., with every material rivals were carrying. Jack shouted out loud but without noise. His enemies’ stroke hard till Jack breaks. And finally, Jack broke down. He was bleeding externally and internally. External wound can be healed with much lesser pain but the wounds which were deep inside him were not only difficult to heal but also impossible to cure. Leaving Jack in rotting condition his rivals flew like a bird.

The night was dark and then nearby cops heard a very wheezy and wobbles sound of a child. The cops hurried to that location and found a young student upside down hanging with half covered mouth and hands tied with rope. He was uttering just a single word, “HELP”, as hard as he could. He used all his remaining strength to get help from anyone he could. At last he was successful. The cops immediately took him to the nearby hospital. Jack’s parents were instantly informed and they rushed to the hospital. They were worried and that was genuine. Jack was under observation for several hours. That night Jack lost everything. That night totally changed the future. That night a new Jack was born.

The next morning Jack came to his senses and now had a complete different perspective to view things. He was completely changed. That night had a great impact on him.

He had started behaving weirdly; weirdly for others but normal for him. He became introvert with loneliness.

Now, he hardly participated in any event nor he played games frequently. Now, he had a fixed schedule which he follows daily and focused mainly on studies. Now, he doesn’t even try to outshine in the class. A single incident has completely changed the life of once a cheerful child. Jack spends most of his time in his room observing the outside world and keeping everyone at arm’s length. His temper became high and he used to get irritate generally at small things. He became impatient. Though many encouraged him to get out from this dreadful disease yet everything was in vain. Until and unless Jack himself do nothing outside force can never penetrate him. It took some weeks to completely recover but externally only. External wounds heal quicker than the internal ones. In Jack’s case he never let his internal wounds to heal. He made his surrounding walls so compact that it became difficult for his well-wishers to guide him and show him the reality and explain him that the world is not over yet.

He worked hard in his studies and got admission in good college. He walked in the college with no change in his personality. He was the same the night he born again. It was difficult to change him not because he was hard hearted but that night had a huge impact on him.

Immediately, Jack opened his eyes, staring blankly on the wall of his dark small apartment. He heard loud sound of thunderstorm but in between he heard some cheerfully and enjoyable sounds of children too. This reminded him of his beautiful but somewhat hidden past experiences. He got out of his bed wondering what those little kids are doing in this horrible night. He was still tensed and nervous but he pushed himself hard to walk in the dark. He caught the glimpse of some kids with age varying from 5-6 years. He was stunned by the scene. It was like a dream for him. He had never imagined that kids of such small age would enjoy the life and feel nature in such a marvelous manner. He never thought that these kids will teach him to forget and forgive and enjoy the moment. The kids were falling, laughing and enjoying. He was pleased by the moment and wanted that time should stop now. But time never waits. It never stops. This was also no exception. At that time Jack was completely lost. He was lost in his childhood memories. He was lost in those memories which he never looked back after that mishap. He got the strength and tried to pull himself out from that intolerable pain and memory. He took out his hand from his pocket and placed his palm under the open air to feel the falling drops of rain. The water drops were cold but gave warmth within Jack’s mind and heart. He was deeply touched by the moment and now, he wanted this night never to end. He wanted this night to be largest of all.

Jack quickly wore his slippers and went down to enjoy this important night of his life. He danced, laughed, fell down, got up but didn’t stop. He learnt something beautiful from kids. He learnt never to stop. He learnt to enjoy everywhere, with everyone and in whichever condition one is. He learnt never to give up hope. He learnt what life is all about. This night he discovered true meaning of life. This night a new Jack was born, again. Though the night was not the largest one, yet Jack relished every second of it and rejoiced in rain. He learnt a great number of things this night. He was full of energy and positivity, which once he lost. Even after dancing a lot he was looking fresh and aspired to continue. He dance and sang whole night. This night what Jack remembers to do is enjoy and enjoy, leaving all the tensions and stresses of future.

The night is not full of terrors; what we deduce from it matters the most. Our own perception is of utmost importance. We can think of night as a secondary day full of artificial light. The new positive energy in Jack made him realized, that the event which he had encountered few years back, was never a mishap. It was he who hated such ghastly occurrences and then turned that incident into mishap. That event gave him experience. That event helped him to be stronger. That event made him realized that people are never the same. Thereafter, Jack became more strong, more careful and above all more alert with cautious mind.

With all the qualities which he previously had and which he newly acquired ultimately helped him reach new heights. Therefore, it’s always the positive attitude towards life which is helpful and makes you live to fullest.