He turned down the window sill hopelessly missing his family. The same family who,  he was told by many,  have abandoned him on the gates of a remote orphanage. Nobody knows the reason , or who they were but Somil was determined to quest for it. For him it doesn’t matter, why they did it?  He doesn’t even expect them to accept him again but he really wanted to know the Why associated to his own  existence.

He had a new family and now.  Mr. and Mrs. Gill took Somil in their loving abode just an year ago, because he had a certain resemblance to Mrs.  Gill. They too had a tragic story to tell. Having lost their own child during world war 2 in another country, by providing for a war victim they wanted to make up to their first child somehow, they decided to not have another child. So luckily Somil got a new family who care for him just like their own son. He often felt bad for Mrs. Gill’s loss and curses how his own mother was too heartless to abandon an infant on road. 

Somil willingly works in his new dad’s factory from nine to five just like the other ordinary workers. Everyday at seven o’clock he would free himself from the days work and goes up into his attic and study his gathered clues. His new mom is affectionate enough to send him dinner climbing the frail attick stairs each day. This was all to sum up Somil’s life from an out siders perspective.

One day Somil was in his study when his mom climbed up, but instead of just fulfilling her duty to deliver dinner to her beloved son, she took a side stool and curiously enquired, ” so where has your search reached. He didn’t bother to shut the windows when he was alone but he got up to shut the window for the old lady. Then he responded to his new mother,” it’s going quite good, I have interviewed a few people over phone and I am getting a lot of information to work upon.”

Mrs. Gill smile at the innocent child’s hardwork. She cheered him up with a pat on his shoulder and decided to let the child finish his work without distraction from her side. Somil too continued working and dialed a number on his phone. Somil had put the phone on speaker and Mrs. Gill got up to leave Somil alone again. But she had taken only two steps when a familiar voice responded the phone call, which made her slow down.

Somil greeted the lady on the phone call saying, ” Hello Mrs. Ghosh, I am Somil, my orphanage provided me with your number claiming you brought me to the orphanage.”

Mrs. Ghosh said in a slighly tout voice, ” but I am not your mother child, I clearly conveyed this to the orphanage manager as well, years ago…. ”

Mrs. Gill heard the whole conversation. Somil painfully smiled at his new mother but failed to notice that she was already in tears. After he cut the call downhearted because he was hopeful that this was the last loop to know about his real family. He finally saw Mrs. Gill’s blue wet eyes.

He rose up nervously from his chair and asked in desperation, mother, why are you crying? What happened? ”

Mrs. Gill tried holding her sorrow of 5 long years of separation inside her, but how could this be possible when she had finally met her lost son. By then Mr. Gill also reached the attick realizing his wife has not been back in the kitchen for so long. Then with happy tears Mr. And Mrs Gill announced that their adopted son is actually their real child, who they think died during the world war.

She narrated the full story thus,” when I heard Somil talking to Mrs. Ghosh on his phone, I was struck by the familiarity of this lady’s voice. I recalled her to be our our landlady and also that she wanted us to pay a month’s rent before leaving the country. But war broke out so instantly that we had to packup in emergency situations. During the journey she must have stolen somil for the sake of her revenge. And as we reported the incident to the local police, she must have made up the entire story of finding you on the orphange gate.”

This was it, Somil’s only family filed an FIR against Mrs. Ghosh and she was soon taken in custody. Somil too realized that his parents were such nice to him as an adopted son so keeping any grudges any long would be stupid enough. The heavy burden of losing their first and only child years back was lightened by this joyous reunion. And in the end they all lived happily ever after just like it happens in the fairy tales.