Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell. The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes disguised as everything you’ve ever wished for. Pray that you will never give in to temptation. This is the life tale of Mona whose temptations came from her own desires and dragged her away.


Mona had checked herself ten times before and quickly stole a last glance in the mirror before switching off the lights. She wore a pink churidar and a white kurti with a colorful dupatta. Her hair was pinned neatly in a fishtail braid and her hands adorned silver bangles.

She had forgotten the bouquet of flowers at home which her mami ji had asked her to carry and hence she went back to fetch them, telling everyone to continue. As soon as she rang the bell, she was greeted by a very pleasant young boy who took the flowers from her hand after thanking her and kept them on the side table. He then offered her some juice. Seeing all of her family members busy sitting in the puja and actively taking part in it, and no one else her age around to talk to her, Rishabh, the towel guy, sat next to her and started chatting very casually.

She told him all about her hometown and what difference she could make in these two places in just two days. She was happy to know that Rishabh too was a student of Delhi University but was pursuing his course from School of Open Learning because he was more interested in photography and wanted to dedicate more time towards it.

The topics of discussion went from education to hobbies, favorite movie stars and finally landed on relationships. Mona became a little uncomfortable as soon as Rishabh asked her if she ever had a boyfriend. He held her hand and told her not to worry as he was one person she could trust. He also told her not to be bothered about feeling lonely anymore as he was now her friend and would soon introduce her to his other pals also. Mona shook a little when he grasped her hand. First of all, she was scared that her mama and mami would catch her like that with a guy and secondly, Rishabh was still a stranger to her. You do not hold hands with someone who has only told you that their favorite actress is Katrina Kaif and hobbies are photography and playing snooker. Sensing her discomfort with the surroundings, Rishabh asked her to come to his room where they could talk without any interruptions or any stares. She said no at first but finally agreed when he insisted a little. He led her to his room which was on the second floor and the first one to the right of the stairs.

There were orangish and blue lights switched on in his room and as usual the curtains were parted and the window slightly ajar. She thought about what she would encounter on this side of the window and smiled.