The story may seem similar to their self for who have been a victim of the reservation that exist in several fields of our nation’s administration. 


Great achievements are never easy. It takes a big deal to achieve things in life. Every fall in your life makes you rise. Understand the stepping stones towards success so that you reach higher than you ever were. Inspiration does not come from others. It works when you start comparing your past and present. Sweety was one of that kind. Passing through infinite number of struggles she stood at the position no one expected her to be. She is now the Chief Scientist at the Nation’s centre for Scientific Research and Development.

It was before 10 years when Sweety completed her tenth grade of schooling in her small town. While everyone else joined higher grade in a popular school in the next town, she couldn’t even see that school due to her family situation. She decided to continue the remaining two years of schooling in her  town. She chose to study biology and mathematics as major subjects and worked to the best possible level. She scored 197/200 which her classmates who left to the best schools also did not secure. Everyone motivated her to join medicine so that she would become a good doctor and serve her town. She believed that it was really a good choice and dreamt of becoming a doctor soon.

The day when she had been to the counselling for joining a medical college, there happened the twist she was not even aware of. She belonged to General category. The government had some reservations for other communities and just because she belonged to general, she could not get offer in a renowned Governmental medical institution. Other students who had secured less than her got offers through reservation. She had no other options for a government institution. Her parents could not afford to join her in a private institute. She felt the whole world before her break apart. Her dreams shattered in minutes.

She felt broken not because she lost the medical seat but because she lost it due to her community while others who scored lesser than her got into medical colleges.

It took some days for her to recover while she applied for Engineering admissions. She decided to chose for biology related engineering atleast she would not lose her passion for biology. Four years passed so soon while she learnt a lot in research and engineering. Rather, Caste and community followed her everywhere. She had cried a lot seeing her parents struggling for getting the loans from bank for her college fee. Others who had a good family background and came to college just for obtaining a degree, were offered a lot of scholarships. Sweety who scored first even at her college, was offered nothing because of her community. Passing through all these heartbreaking incidents, she was self motivated. She believed in her hardwork. For the next level of her education, she applied for the National Eligibility Test when she was again vexed up on seeing the exam fee. It was just doubled for General candidates compared to other reserved candidates. She felt why she couldn’t afford anything with her merits rather than her community. Anyways, she worked hard and scored the best for joining the position of a Junior Research Fellow at the Central institute. That’s how she started to grow.

Even while joining as research fellow, her grants for stipend was comparatively low than people of other communities. She managed to get through them by earning in part-time jobs besides working perfectly on her project. Innovations became easy for her due to her immense knowledge on basics of biology which she had learned on self during schooling.

Two years passed. She completed her project as soon as possible. It was an unexpected event when she got placed in administrative position in the same centre she had been doing her research. It was a reward for her wonderful team work and managing skills that she had exposed during her project. In two more years, she became the Chief Scientist in the same. This was the perfect growth, it was all because of her untired perseverance.

Everytime when she worked hard and achieved great things, she lost best opportunities just because of this reservation. Yet, at last, she proved herself against all odds and reached the best position. She always thanked all the troubles she had come across that made her bold enough and strong. Her college life helped her improve her patience and tolerance so that she became a good leader later. The problems she faced during her work as a JRF helped her improve her research and problem solving skills.


Difficulties always makes us stronger. Boldness will help to grow.