It was a cloudless sunny day. The sky was smiling, and the clouds were drifting away. Rebeca, a broke farmer, was the sole earner of her family. Angel, her mother, died when she was young. Robert, his father, was martyred in war. She was left alone with her brother, Rob, who suffered from a fatal disease. Although her life was miserable, she always found reasons to be joyful and spread positivity.

Due to the bad harvest, the crops had winnowed. Left with no penny, her faith in God had vanished away.

” Holy Lord is this what you do to your children? Is this how you pay for our hard work? Can’t you see how my brother is suffering? There is no healing with no bread! Why do you act so blinded?” She screamed while sitting in the field

It felt like the universe didn’t listen but had listened. With the wind, a piece of paper landed on her face. She looked at it, and it read.

” To all the people of

The ground

It is here that I behold

Where the land meets the sky

Where the colors meet the brown

Where the drops touch the ground

It is there

where you will see me.”

Rebeca knew what she wanted to do now. This is what she wanted, this is where she will be and no one can stop her from reaching out, but she didn’t know the answer to the riddle.

The clouds which were hovering away came back into a beautiful outreached Banyan tree, with ropes hanging down. The sky now looked melancholy, unlike before. But this melancholy turned into Rebeca’s happiness when she realized she knew the answer to the riddle.

Colors filled the sky, as she ran towards the horizon, where the ground meets the sky, where the colors meet the brown, and where the rain touches the ground.

There she saw two magnificently decorated with gold, which read

” The selfish shall blemish,

While the selfless roars.”

She knew what it meant. She knew what she had to do with the fortune and where to use it. She carried the pots home and used the money for his brother’s treatment, the rest she used for charity.

The crops stood up on their own. Angel was the one roaring while the greedy people watched her flourish.