A forgotten library was located in the centre of a busy city, sandwiched between tall skyscrapers. The once-grand structure had deteriorated, with cracked windows and ivy-covered walls. Its splendour had been diminished by time, and its doors remained unopened, unused, and forgotten.

An adventurous little girl named Alia was touring the city one summer day when she came across the abandoned library. She made the conscious decision to go inside because of its alluring mystery. She entered a realm that had been frozen in time after forcing through the hefty wooden doors.

The walls were lined with unkempt shelves holding books that were just waiting to be unearthed. As Alia read the titles on their spines, each one containing an undiscovered narrative, her eyes widened in astonishment. A light whisper was heard when she extended her hand to touch a book, which had a tattered cover.

Alia was startled yet engrossed as she listened. She was drawn further into the abandoned library as the murmurs grew louder. Her footsteps resounded through the empty halls as she followed the sound.

She found a little, battered book unattended on a shelf in a secluded spot. She found its subtitle, “The Key to Imagination,” intriguing. She opened it with shaking hands to finKd blank pages. She yearned for a story to start as she closed her eyes, confused.

Ink appeared on the pages as if by magic, bringing characters to life and creating tales of escapade and enchantment. Alia discovered herself engrossed in tales of valiant knights, strange creatures, and distant lands. The abandoned library has evolved into a doorway to countless opportunities.

Alia kept going back to the abandoned library to write her own stories and tell them to the people she had found. As the rumours got louder, kids from all over the city started to throng to the library, eager to let their own imaginations run wild.

As word of the abandoned library’s resurrection spread, the once-forgotten structure quickly blossomed. The citizens of the city came together to restore the library to its former splendour after realising the power of storytelling.

Alia’s wish has been realised. The abandoned library had evolved into a source of creativity, a haven where tales were treasured and fantasies were allowed to run free. It reminded everyone who entered that even in the middle of a busy city, the power of a narrative could never be forgotten as a tribute to the enduring charm of books.


  1. Hizana Khathoon

    This story is indeed a captivating and heartwarming story that reminds us of the timeless power of storytelling. The vivid descriptions of the abandoned library, nestled amidst towering skyscrapers, create a stark contrast that immediately draws readers into the narrative. The imagery of cracked windows and ivy-covered walls effectively conveys the library’s state of neglect and the passage of time.

    The introduction of Alia, the adventurous little girl, adds a sense of curiosity and excitement to the story. Her decision to explore the abandoned library reflects the innate human desire for discovery and the allure of the unknown. The discovery of the tattered book with the intriguing title, adds an element of mystery and sets the story on a new trajectory. The gradual revelation that Alia has the power to bring the blank pages to life through her own imagination is a beautifully executed plot twist. The story’s resolution, where the once-forgotten library is restored to its former splendor, is a satisfying conclusion. Overall , it was a refreshing short story!