The transition of the world towards a side where people with money and power are getting more powerful with success in life at their side and people with lack of resources yet much of talent lag behind… yet they never stop to dream or they never leave their courage…


I was in a hurry to the office in a bus, mind was racing ahead of the speed of the bus, murmurs were barely heard, just then a loud sound of laughter compelled me to come out of my thoughts of the speedy life and stare to decipher the amazement. I was looking at the two persons talking, unable to realise that my gaze will pose a very bad impression. I then became a bit conscious and made my concern moderate to soothe those two and noticed that they hardly bothered to take a note of my behaviour over there.

One of them was saying, “People worry about jobs these days and look at me. I am too blessed to have my brother in XYZ company and now he will make me enter there. I just need to sit for an interview. But I don’t have time to give an interview, you see; I talked to him about that and he says I will have to arrange my timing and give it by the end of the day. Just for the sake of formality it is, but they don’t understand my busy schedule!”

The other said, overwhelmed with the contacts that he was making (seemed quite clear from his flattering expressions), “That’s true. Even I am too lucky to have a friend like you. You made it easy on my part; otherwise you know, Shiv didn’t hear my condition and asked me to bring him fifty thousand rupees’ cash to refer me! Look at you, I just asked and you arranged my job, set my life in the right track! Friends like you are really rare…”

My mind often didn’t ask me before functioning to process my opinions on any little sentence that I hear. I often have a view point on whatever I hear or whatever is happening; sometimes I tend to hear that its bad to always think so deeply that you make it apparently a practice to opine on any silly little thing that is feasible. But certainly as a boon or a bane I am born with this and the first light that I saw tempts me to go with the unique me and my understanding with sole proprietorship of all my jobs.

I suddenly remembered the morning show that made me late and compelled me to take the 8:15am bus instead of the 8:00am bus. My maid was very upset and asking for some money so as to make her younger brother study more and get a job. She was saying that her brother performed quite well in his last interview and was selected on the spot but then the son of some high level personnel came applying for the same job and the offer letter was typed but with the name of the son of the high level professional. Her brother was broken at heart and so she decided to educate him even more, to a level where these sorts of challenges can’t bother him.

But alas, too creepy is the world that gives dreams to such people and they chase after them, to fulfil those dreams, unaware of the fact that there is actually no space for their dreams to exist.

World is actually too small, not by the size of the globe but by the size of the minds and hearts of the people residing here. This is the reason why perhaps Sir Einstein said that even if man tries to fill one new thing in every single second to his mind yet it won’t fill even a quarter of the entire storage space.

Universe is stagnant and so is the total amount of energy and matter; though the conversion keeps on happening. Resources reallocate themselves though the total amount of resources is constant.

When people like these take the spaces intended for people who are quite deserving, their share is over. They keep on working, they keep on doing the real things but wilt just like the buds of the forest. Fragrance is appreciated by all but nobody appreciates/ acknowledges their presence or their existence altogether. Termed as the bottom of the pyramid, they stay at the bottom forever. They lay the foundation of any strong edifice yet remain neglected and least dusted, for they remain in the bottom of the pyramid. Everybody looks at the top, the sharpest peak, though the person standing there stands alone, there is space for only one to be the winner, the path taken doesn’t bother anyone though. However, the bottom gives space to the maximum number of persons yet they remain abandoned as always. The stepping stones to that edifice, without whom there is no way atop, but the end point is what that matters.

People speak of favouring someone but they forget to favour someone, one has to snatch that same thing from someone else and that someone else might be the one whose mother is waiting for that one good news to leave the earth peacefully or whose father is ill, or whose daughter’s marriage is at stake for that one news.

Every incident that happens just doesn’t happen as an incident but as a part of life, there is life to everything that surrounds us and there are things that happen as parts of life.

A single success can boost someone’s confidence multiple folds and that single failure can make him/her feel dejected about life. incidents are the shaping instruments of life, attitude and personality as a whole. It’s not about the right or wrong but the relation between these words and their closeness, their relativeness with each other. It is always a motivating line to say that hard work leads to success but today hard work is just a side factor however luck or the charm of contacts is taking the centre stage.

It’s never that opportunities are few but it is that exploring those opportunities to make them happen to overcome the bleak circumstances of one’s life has chances that are scarce. The gap between the haves and have-nots is growing as a never ending progression. Rather the creation of a new category i.e. have-mores is quite evident from the happenings that surround the universe.

Thoughts in my mind were gulping me up, making me realise my helplessness even more profoundly when I felt the hotness of sun on my face. I realized that I was getting late to the office and suddenly the bus stopped and my office was there. Leaving behind my helplessness coupled with my pensive mind I rushed to mark my entry into the office with anticipation of lot many questions and the fear of being humiliated.

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