One day I wake up and today was unlike the other days. I went to the kitchen, poured water in a bowl and started 

Boiling it for coffee. I was standing when some random thoughts were crossing my mind, while wondering about those thoughts and ideas, my attention went to the boiled water bowl. Then in a really loving way milk was assorted 

In the boiled water, then they held onto each other, never wanting to be apart from each other but there was something which was missing.


I added sugar while making their bond sugary limitless sweet. The next moment I saw a change in the weather, it was raining outside. Seeing those rain droplets fall  on my window and the pitter-patter sound of the rain made a beautiful curve on my face, I realised I was smiling unusually wide and much more brighter than the other days. 

As I claimed that today was something starange about today ,so smiling like that was little different for me. Gathering my eyes to the bowl , i added the left ingridients for and in the short period of time the caffein drink was ready. I picked up two cups, and poured  in them. As I poured the coffee, the sound was making me feel like I am high on drugs of love. Then I took a tray and placed those mugs on it ready to be served! But something was still missing…

OHHH YEAH, I knew what’s missing! 

Those heavenly chocolate cookies she loves. As the breakfast was ready to be served along with all that love which was essential to make a good start of this dayy. It was now time to wake her up……. 

I took the tray to our shared bedroom. My deep voice was melody to her ears. Making the best combination. 

I woke her up. She smiled and said, ‘GOOD MORNING LOVE’. 

That was very sweet to listen idk why but her soft tone, sweet voice ohhh good why I am simping, her small actions

Made me fall in love deeper for her. I smiled and said, ‘GOOD MORNING BIRDY’ and yess with a kind, expressive and slow forehead kiss. I placed the tray infront of her, as I look at taking her mug itook mine as well. 

She took the first sip of this love drink, the suddenly a slow , bright smile formed on her face. The eyes we’re saying something and my eyes we’re giving every effort to connect with the nebula’s of her eyes. Every passing second I was loosing my consiousness to her beauty, those deep hazel eyes. I was so lost in observing all this, that I didn’t noticed the distance between us was alomost negligible now, NULL! we were inches apart. Eyes closed! 

Suddenly rays of bright light fell on my face and i woke up, wait I was in my room. No no no fuck! It wasnt true? 

Fuck it was a dream. A dream more realistic and fictional at the same time in real life.but the very next moment I smiled , as it was something extraordinary unlike other ordinary day. 🌸