What it had initially seemed like, was just another pleasant summer evening, the beautiful orange sun was on it’s way to finally take a rest. I was strolling through the bustling local market. The market was alive like anything, with vibrant colors, enticing aromas, and the lively chatter of vendors and shoppers. As I walked through the crowded streets, browsing through various shops and stalls, something peculiar happened.

A sense of familiarity struck me, I was experiencing strong déjà vu that very moment. All of it was way too familiar than it should have been. It was as if I had lived through those exact moments, every single detail, second-by-second, I knew it all. I could foresee conversation between random strangers before they even started it. It was as if the very fabric of time and space had woven into my senses, allowing me to anticipate the words and exchanges that were going to take place, before they even actually took place. I was very confused yet intrigued, I continued to wander in the market, trying to make sense of this strange uncanny situation. I passed by a small tea stall where a group of friends were engaged in a lively discussion about current events. As I caught snippets of their conversation, I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of déjà vu once again, I knew all of their words.

I decided to delve deeper into this, hoping to uncover some answers. I finally decided to go to my usual spot, Mahesh Bhai’s Bookstore. I had known Mahesh Bhai for as long as I can think. Reading had always been a keen interest of mine, and Mahesh Bhai himself being a writer and a bookstore owner, had nurtured my passion for reading. Mahesh Bhai was the perfect man to reach out to regarding this strange phenomenon I was experiencing. 

Mahesh Bhai was as usual elated to see me, he welcomed me with open arms. “Let’s see, a new historical novel or a new poem a wrote, which one should I serve first?” he asked in a his same old whimsical style. I replied, “Hahaha, same old Mahesh Bhai, but no, I seek answers today.” “Woah, this is something new for me coming from you. Is everything alright?” he asked worriedly. “Something strange, something anew is happening. It all feels very familiar. This conversation, the sights in the market, the people drinking tea and talking about the latest market fiasco at the street corner. I’ve seen it all already, I feel like I’m reliving a day I’ve already experienced. Is it déjà vu? Am I time travelling? What is it? I feel like I am starting to lose my mind.” I replied. Mahesh Bhai’s expression shifted from curiosity to concern. His eyes widened, reflecting a worrisome side of him. “My dear little star, fear not. Sometimes, the boundaries between reality and the depths of our subconscious can become blurred,” he said, his tone soothing. “What you are experiencing may be a manifestation of a fevered dream, a play of your mind weaving together fragments of what you saw and experienced the day before.” He continued on with his words of wisdom, and I listened closely to him.

Just as I pondered his words, Mahesh Bhai’s voice started to sound different and his words became different. It was a voice, I had known, but no, this one wasn’t déjà vu, I had known this voice was long. I listened to him closely, and to my surprise, it was my mother’s voice. “Wake up! Wake up! Oh God! How much more are you going to sleep?,” my mother’s voice echoed through the bookstore, filled with a mix of concern and frustration. That was when suddenly Mahesh Bhai slapped me out of the blue. That slap felt like a Tsunami hitting me, I felt as if I was drowning. I was panicking, it felt like I was going to die. I closed my eyes, and started moving around and tried to scream at top of my lungs. Right as I screamed, I was between the clouds, something very comfortable was beneath me. I opened my eyes and it was my mother looking at me and I was in my bed. 

“How am I here? I was just talking to Mahesh Bhai and now I am in my bed. What is happening?” I asked her in a panicked manner. “Mahesh Bhai? What are you talking about? You went to meet him yesterday evening, how could you met him today when you’ve been sleeping in all day?” she replied. I was very confused, I could not make sense of anything she was saying. “Yesterday? What are you talking about? What day is it today?” I asked. She replied, “Today is the 8th of the month, do you not even know the day?”. “8th? It can’t be possible. Today should have been 7th” I said. “Oh God! We need to take you to a doctor for this. You don’t remember the dates, you sleep in for 15 hours straight. Only God knows what is going on with you.” she replied with obvious hints of frustration. That is when it struck me, it was all nothing but a dream. I wasn’t déjà vu, I was just dreaming what I had already experienced the day before. I was sleeping and dreaming all along. I felt so stupid that moment.

“You won’t believe this, mom. This dream I had. I felt like I was experiencing déjà vu.” I said with excitement. “It felt so real, as if I had already lived through yesterday, before it even happened.” My mother started laughing hysterically. “Dreams can be strange, dear.” she replied. “Our mind is always playing tricks on us, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.” As the remains of the dream slipped away, I realized the valuable lesson it had taught me. 

Our minds hold immense power, capable of conjuring extraordinary experiences, even in the realm of dreams.

And so, I carry this memory of dream with me, a reminder to cherish every moment of the present. Though, the mysteries of déjà vu still remain, this journey etched a mark on my mind, reminding me of the capabilities of the human mind and the beauty of the everyday experiences that shape our alluring, unique, everyday lives.