The story is about a vampire turning into a mortal with the help of his friend. Story possesses many adventures and interesting features. Based on my fantasy I have written how Alvina made Baldovino’s life better. Hope you like it! 


A dark image gushing from the woods, so fast and so cold. It seems like the thunderstorm has sent its coming, like the winds have turned their routes and the Gods are up to something really charismatic. That dark image running through the twilight forests provides an image of an evil being. Lips spurting out blood, skin as cold as ice, complexion as white as snow, eyes hot red, frown on the face and dark black shiny hair.

A totally different scene here at Alvina’s house.

“Dear Alvina, Come and have your dinner. It’s ready.” Mom said.

“No mom, I am in no mood to have dinner. I am really not hungry at all.” Alvina said.

“Missing meals is not a good habit, Alvina.” Dad said.

“Please dad, I am not a kid now.” Alvina said.

“We are your parents and we still have a right to guide you, baby.” Mom said.

“I am sorry dad. Sorry mom. I am so upset, just don’t know what all am I talking.” Alvina said.

“You can freely tell us what upsets you dear.” Said dad.

“I am not at all beautiful. No girly traits in me. I am so boring, so idiotic and so childish. I am so not a dating material.” Alvina spoke her heart out.

“Oh poor baby! You are so beautiful that even the angels envy you.” Mom said.

“That’s what you feel and not the mirror hung in my room.” Alvina said.

“It’s not the mirror that defines your beauty or judges whether you are beautiful or not. It’s you who can really define the beauty in yourself.” Suggested dad.

“Ah! These bookish thoughts don’t work in practical life where guys just need pretty girls by their side and not me at all.” Alvina said with a feeling of dismal on her face.

To this mom replied, “Now I know. It is the prom night that is making my dearest Alvina so upset. Isn’t it?”

“You finally got it mum.” Alvina said.

Dad cheering up the ambience, said “Ok, now forget all this. Let’s have a bowl of ice cream each.

“No, you both enjoy. I think I should go for a walk.” Alvina said this and started walking towards the main door of the house.

Mom from her behind- “Baby, it’s too cold outside. Don’t forget to wear your muffler and overcoat.”

“Yeah mom.”, and the door shut.

Mom and dad expressed their worries for their daughter as they felt she was not happy with her life but consoled each other that their daughter is brave enough and will definitely get over everything and will finally appreciate what life has in store for her.

Now out in the dark night, with the sounds of the wolves shouting in the woods, the owls sitting on the branches of tall trees. The cool breeze blowing and a tinge of moon light enlightening the entire atmosphere. Alvina finds peace in this atmosphere. She starts walking down the road and towards the lake near their township. The sweet sound of the lake water and the coolness of the breeze brought a mild smile on Alvina’s face. She finds a rocky surface adjacent to the lake and sits on the rock staring constantly at the water by her sparkling eyes. The glass over Alvina’s eyes usually hides the beauty of eyes but seldom romanticize with the moon’s light falling over her face. Her black shiny hair beautifies the fair skin and the nature’s beauty within her denies the racism and the quintessential epitome are her eyes and the flow of her delicate body is like a cherry on the cake. Sitting at the lakeside, Alvina’s attention shifted from the lake water to the woods across the lake. She tried not to get attracted by the beauty of the woods because they were considered to be dangerous and haunted by the people of her town. Strangely, she was captivated by the aura of the forest. It seemed as if the trees or the woodland was magnetizing Alvina towards itself. Alvina had never experienced or gone through such a feeling ever before.

She suddenly got off the rock and started walking towards the dense forest. Walking continuously, alone, dark and the deep forest became denser. The trees became taller, the growling of wild animals became stronger, the winds started blowing faster and the ambience became frosty. Suddenly, Alvina saw a shadowy figure behind a tall and dark tree. She found the figure familiar as it seemed a man. She wanted to ignore and move on into the forest deeper. Strangely, the same power which was attracting Alvina towards the forest was now captivating her towards that figure behind the tree. It was as if someone was controlling her soul to go and see that figure. So, she took a step forward and started approaching that figure.

Now, the other strange thing that happened was that the more Alvina went nearer to that figure the more it moved further. She could not just reach him in spite of trying so hard. She thought she had missed him. She also tried to find him but had no trace of him. Alvina finally decided to turn back and leave for home. Gradually, she crossed back that forest and reached the lake, crossed the lane to her township and reached her home. Trying to sleep, Alvina was lying on her bed when she realized she had left the window of her room open. She got up to shut the window when came in front of her gleaming eyes the scene of the woods across the lake. Thinking of the shadowy figure that she saw in the forest, Alvina went off to sleep expecting something new to happen the following day.

“Wake up Alvina. It’s morning. See outside, it’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining so bright.” Mom tried to awake Alvina.

The golden rays of the sun fell on Alvina’s face reflecting such an innocence and calmness that the viewer may fall for it. It seemed as the sun itself wanted Alvina to make her think herself to be beautiful and pretty. Another day at college, Alvina found college really boring and nasty as she had no friends and guys never approached her. She was considered to be a studious and a boring girl by all. This is what she thought of herself. Bored by the college day, then Alvina’s day routine at home, night conversations with mom and dad and then came the awaited time. Alvina after her talks with her parents again went to that forest with a hope to meet the man she saw the last day. This time, Alvina thought of sitting at the place where she saw the man last night and waited there. Somewhere in her heart she had a feeling that the man knew that Alvina wanted to meet him. An hour passed, there was no sign of anyone approaching. Half more hour went by and there came no one around. Disappointed, Alvina thought of leaving. As soon as she got up from the rock beside the lake on which Alvina was sitting the night before. Mesmerized, Alvina ran towards the lake, reached that big rock and what she saw. The same shadowy figure was sitting at her old place. She was so happy to see him sitting on that rock that without further thoughts, Alvina went to him and sat beside him on the same rock. Alvina tried to speak, “Hey, I am Alvina. I saw you sitting in the forest last night. I could not just stay and had to come to you. My mind, my soul, my body, all wanted to see you as if you were hypnotizing them all. It was a feeling that I have never had before. As if you were calling me through my inner sense.” Alvina spoke her heart out. To which the man said, “I didn’t do anything girl.” Alvina was not expecting such an answer. She thought he would also be as excited as Alvina but he showed least interest in whatever she expressed. She felt disheartened. After so long, Alvina was believing in herself and approached someone and now she felt that it all got wasted. Disheartened, Alvina thought of leaving and going back home. She got up and turned away. Suddenly, the winds started blowing faster than usual and the noise of the water in the lake got louder.

The man said holding Alvina’s hand, “Hey! I am Baldovino. Please don’t go.”

Hearing this, Alvina just could not hide her happiness. She was overjoyed with his words. She wanted to hug him but controlled her feelings. Alvina felt really special when Baldovino held her hand. A thing that Alvina now realized. Baldovino was cold, too cold. His touch was freezing cold. On observing Baldovino closely, Alvina noticed that he had red eyes, dark black hair, pale freezing cold skin, red lips as if painted with color. He had hypnotizing eyes and was very handsome and alluring. He possessed a strange unearthly beauty. Alvina felt scared for the first time, but her happiness overcame this fear and she wanted to stay there with Baldovino. No conversation, no movements, no looks and nothing except silence between them. They both just wanted to enjoy the serene moment of peace between them. Away from the bustle and hubbub of the city, Alvina and Baldovino wanted to rejoice in their own moment. The midnight moon let them savor the time they had together. Days passed and Alvina and Baldovino kept on meeting each other every evening. Sometimes beside the lake, near the forest, on they went boating in the lake.

One day Alvina decided to ask Baldovino for college prom. Baldovino was initially hesitant about it but finally agreed to go with Alvina. Alvina was very excited. She was only planning about their dresses, their hairdo, etc. for the prom for two whole days. Just a night before the prom, Alvina’s mother asked her about whether she had someone to go with. Alvina told her mother about Baldovino and that she will go to the prom with him.

Finally, the prom night was here. Alvina dressed beautifully in a pink flair gown, off shouldered, hair left loose and white sparkling heels. Baldovino in a light grey suit with a pink bow tie and grey formal shoes with properly tucked black shiny hair. He was really nervous to go to the prom but he didn’t want to upset Alvina by refusing to go as he could see her enthusiasm and cheerfulness and didn’t want to ruin her mood. The college prom was beautifully organized. A fully lighted garden, well set DJ system, games for couples, drinks and delicacies and special prizes and awards for the people. Alvina and Baldovino were standing beside a lit tree and were embracing the moment as well as each other. A waiter came to serve them drinks. On seeing a glass of red wine on the tray, Baldovino felt something strange. Horridly, his eyes turned fiery, a strange frown came on his face and he could not control his thirst. Baldovino was becoming horrifying, he wanted BLOOD! HUMAN BLOOD! All this happened to him as he was surrounded by so many humans out there. Alvina was surprised rather, shocked on seeing him like this. Before she could utter a word, Baldovino left and ran out of the crowded area, down the lane, across the lake and vanished into the forests. It was a harrowing experience for Alvina. She just could not believe her eyes and was really afraid of Baldovino. In spite of being so afraid of Baldovino, Alvina wanted to meet him at least once and clear all the questions she had in her mind about him. For four continuous nights after the prom, Alvina searched for Baldovino desperately. She waited at the rock where they used to sit beside the lake. She went round the forest but al in vain.

One dark winter night, Alvina was as usual sitting on the rock on the lakeside when she came across a spine-chilling view. She saw a shadowy, dark black creature running furiously behind an innocent deer. What she saw was that the creature caught the deer, tear its neck apart and started drinking its blood. For Alvina, this was like the worst nightmare. She was abashed and panic stricken. Her hands trembling with fear and soul stunned with the view. Alvina was extremely daunted. At the moment, she had a doubt that the creature was Baldovino. She wanted to go near him and check. She started walking towards him. Her mind said it was Baldovino but her heart didn’t agree. She went and touched his shoulder with her palm. The dark creature turned and he was Baldovino. Alvina shouted a loud cry, her eyes filled with tears and body quivering with fear. She ran away with a crestfallen heart.

After this incident, Alvina was totally heartbroken. She didn’t sleep for numerous nights, she didn’t eat, she didn’t talk to her parents, and she missed college. She used to lie on her bed for the whole day. On the other side, Baldovino was missing Alvina. He wanted to meet her, see her and tell her about the truth of his life. Baldovino had never this ever before. He could not hunt, his heart was developing a soft corner for Alvina. He was fructifying feeling of belongingness for Alvina. The same feelings were being developed in both of their hearts. Both of them were missing each other and had developed a place for each other in their hearts but were not ready to believe and agree to it.

When love sways, everything else dissuades.

So, Baldovino took a courageous step and decided to meet Alvina. He sent her a letter asking her to meet him at their sacred place-the rock beside the lake just once. He promised her that he will never ask her to meet him if she would not be convinced by whatever Baldovino will explain. Alvina was very happy when she read the letter and was excited to meet her brave friend. That chilly and foggy night, Alvina and Baldovino sitting next to each other on that dear rock beside the lake. An exquisite feeling for both. The conversation started and Baldovino told Alvina the whole truth about his life, his existence and survival. He told her that he was a VAMPIRE- a blood sucking killer. He told her that their clan did not harm humans but attacked only the animals for fulfilling their thirst for blood. The discussion went on merely about Baldovino’s life. After the repartee ended they came on a positive conclusion. Alvina explained “We will visit your Godfather and ask him about the remedial steps that we need to take for transforming you into a normal being without the thirst for blood and a lovely heart with pure feelings. Both of us will go through any difficulties and hurdles for betterment of your life and your normal existence.”

Alvina vowed, “I swear to God, I will turn Baldovino- my brave friend into a soft hearted, guiltless, and an untainted man.”

The next day Alvina and Baldovino started their voyage to meet the Godfather of the vampire clan. It took them an overnight journey to reach the town of the Godfather- Ambrose. The palace of Ambrose seemed to be a divine architectural structure. The palace was huge and magnificent. It was full of servants and housemaids. A big beautiful garden with a fountain in the middle, long wooden doors, white marble floor. The palace was surrounded by a canopy of tall trees. The couple was taken to a hall with seats kept in a circular shape. A set of stairs led to a red colored imperial seat where sat the Godfather- Ambrose.

Baldovino spoke, “Our greetings to the royal Highness.”

Ambrose interrupts, “Firstly Baldovino, tell me what is the need of a human girl in my palace? Have you got food for us?” sarcastically.

Baldovino tried to speak to which Alvina stopped him and addressed Ambrose. Alvina said, “My greetings to His Highness. I am Alvina. Baldovino is very special for me. We met one day…..”

Through this Alvina narrated everything to Ambrose. Ambrose was shocked to hear what Alvina told. He had never seen a human supporting an immortal evil to this extent. He decided to support them and agreed to give them the remedy they required. The remedial steps suggested by Ambrose were- They had to go to the Red Bloom Valley, which was 10000 kms from the city of Ambrose. They needed to find the tallest Mulberry tree in the valley and get the shell of its fruit. The shell of the fruit of the mulberry tree needed to be burnt by a fire yielding dragon. Then they had to stick a tiger nail inside the shell. After getting the shell ready, it needed to be touched to Baldovino’s chest. If they succeed in this whole process, Baldovino could be changed to mortal. Ambrose suggested Alvina and Baldovino to spend a night in his palace and start their journey to the red Bloom Valley the next morning.

The night fell and the sun rose up high and bright. Alvina and Baldovino were all set to start their journey. Ambrose provided them with a magical wand the magical wand possessed powers of taking them to any place that they will think of by touching it with both their hands. Alvina and Baldovino took the magical wand, they touched it with both their hands and thought of the Red Bloom Valley. In mere five seconds, the couple was standing on the beautiful grounds of the Red Bloom Valley. Both of them were mesmerized on seeing the beauty of the place. There was greenery all around, beautiful flowers, butterflies, soft chirping birds and a dense forest in front of their eyes.

Alvina and Baldovino’s task was to enter the forest and find the tallest mulberry tree to get its fruit shell. They held hands, took a deep breath and entered the forest. It took them too long to find the tallest Mulberry tree. To reach there, they had to go through a range of wild animals. They came across beautiful vegetation of the forest. They saw some rare species of birds and animals. The couple bravely overcame all the hurdles that came in their way. They were finally able to find the tallest Mulberry tree. The challenge did not end here. The Mulberry tree was not an ordinary one but it spoke. Yes! It was a speaking Mulberry tree. Alvina and Baldovino talked to the tree.

Alvina and Baldovino asked the tree for its fruit very politely. The tree replied, “You will have to give answer to two of my questions. Then I will provide you with my fruit.” Alvina and Baldovino told the tree that they are ready for the questions.

Mulberry tree’s first question was- “What is the difference between a wise man and a foolish man?”

Alvina and Baldovino went into deep thoughts. They knew that the answer to this question cannot be too simple. Finally they replied: “All humans have equal brains. The brains does not make anyone wise or foolish. Wisdom is defined by actions and not intelligence. People who do well for themselves as well as for others can be considered as real wise. Foolish are those who cannot think good for others and use their brains for unproductive work.”

The mulberry tree did not respond and asked the second question: “What is the best moral system?” Alvina and Baldovino’s answer was something like this.

“We will never truly be able to distinguish between right and wrong actions. The idea that you should treat others as you would like them to treat you is the best moral system. We should work according to our morals and should not worry about the consequences. Just work hard and let life take its own turn.”

On listening both the answers, the mulberry tree was really content and happy. He provided the couple with the mulberry fruit and wished them good luck for the coming challenges. Alvina and Baldovino felt very elated and moved further for the next challenge.

Now their task was to go to a fire emitting dragon and get the shell burnt by it. A very crucial and strenuous task. The couple bounded strength and progressed.

The dragon was to be found near a hot water lake in the middle of the forest of the Red Bloom valley. They found the lake but could not see the dragon. Baldovino whistled unknowingly and the dragon came out from a cave near the lake. The dragon was extremely fierce and angry. It seemed impossible for them to control the dragon and capture its fire boom. The dragon attacked them. Baldovino went forward to their rescue and a furious fight rolled between the two of them. They were clashing bitterly when the dragon suddenly looked into Alvina’s eyes. Magically, the dragon became still. It was hypnotized by the innocence in Alvina’s eyes. It actually got captivated by the chastity and purity that Alvina possessed. It was an entrancing view. The dragon could be controlled by Alvina and they got the fire boom and burnt the mulberry fruit shell with it. Alvina kissed the dragon and the couple left for the next challenge. The dragon wished them good luck for their following voyage.

Now it was the time for the inquest of Baldovino’s physical potential and vigor. The tiger nail was the next thing they had to attain.

They decided to find the grasslands in the Red Bloom Valley where most of the tigers were usually visible. They hid behind a tree near the grassland. After a long wait of three hours, finally a tiger came in their sight. It was their luck that the tiger seemed to be an old and aged tiger. It was easy to fight off an old tiger rather than a young one. Baldovino thought of a strategy and took a weapon in his hand and stepped strongly behind the tiger. His plan was not to kill the tiger but to put the tiger to unconsciousness and take out one of his nail. A fierce battle took place between the tiger and Baldovino. The tiger attacked Baldovino on his chest due to which he started bleeding. The tiger was old yet a bit strong. Baldovino was lying on the ground due to pain. On seeing this, Alvina started praying to her God. Suddenly Baldovino jumped and got up and made a huge kick towards the tiger and sat on the tiger’s back and pierced the weapon into its body due to which the tiger went unconscious. Alvina was so happy to see the whole scene and in excitement she ran to hug Baldovino.

Alvina said, “Baldovino! You are my hero.”

Baldovino said, “And you are my strength, Alvina”

Then they tore apart a nail from the tiger’s claw and stuck it to the burnt shell. Now was the time for which Alvina and Baldovino went through all these hurdles and complications. Time to get the fruit of their intense hard work. The sun was setting and the night was taking its shape. Baldovino took off his shirt and took the shell from Alvina’s hand. He was about to touch his chest with the shell when lightning stuck in the sky. Clouds started making a roaring sound. The atmosphere turned wild and tumultuous. Baldovino touched his chest to the shell. What happened next was heavenly magical and necromantic. Baldovino miraculously flew up in the sky. A divine shining light surrounded him from all sides. His body was sparkling like stars in the sky. It seemed as all the negativity in his body was turning into divine positivity. The scene was spellbound and wonderful. Baldovino gradually descended towards the earth. His eyes attained a light brown color and a mild warmth occupied his body. Baldovino took a pin and cut his finger and blood flew out of it. Baldovino was turned into a mortal.

Alvina and Baldovino were overwhelmed with an ecstatic feeling. Both looked at the sky and thanked their respective Gods and decided to spend the night in the forest and return to their hometown the next day. They reached their hometown the other day and Alvina took Baldovino to her home to make him meet her parents. Her parents were happy that finally their daughter had found what she desired from life. And then, Alvina and Baldovino lived happily ever after.