She had a lot of guy friends and she was considered bad, she used to drink and she was considered uncultured, she was loyal to everyone and she was considered a stabber, she was honest and she was considered a ditcher, she was a girl and that’s why she was always blamed.

What would you do if you were to be blamed for something you never did? Or if someone questioned your ethics and your culture without even knowing you?

So what if you hang out with guys more than you hang out with girls? Does that reduces the value you attained all your life? Or does that reduces your character?

Let me ask you one simple thing. Why is that if a guy is seen smoking nobody cares to utter a single word against him but if in the same situation a girl is found she is stared, people taunt her and even back bitch about her because she did something that only guys could do?

If she has enough guts to do what she wants and live her life as per her own demand, who gave you the right to talk about her?


It was raining and she was with her friend. Her hair were wet and she was shivering. The boy offered her to stay at his room for a while, make her hair dry and leave.

Was is it a bad idea? According to me not at all. The boy was concerned about her and this was the best he could offer.

She went with him but they forgot to tell the landlord that she was there because it was just a matter of five minutes.

Were they wrong in doing this? After all they were good friends. Was it not enough to show a pure and a healthy form of relationship. Why is it that when a girl and a boy are together, they are always seen as if they have done a crime or something? Where is it written that there exists only one kind of thing with a girl and a boy? What would you call these educated yet illiterate rustics of the society?

Are they not a reason for why we all are going backward day by day?


She was inside the room and the landlord entered. Seeing her he asked furiously a very cheap question,

What are you doing here? Why are you even here? Don’t you have any place to go? Why do have to come here so often? Why is the door locked? What were you guys doing? Just get out of my house right now. And don’t you dare give me excuses, you don’t know who I am.


Here enters the thinking of the old, intelligent and educated elders of our society. This is how they think and portray their emotions on girls. Yeah and you know why because she is a girl whom he doesn’t know. She’s a girl of 19 years of age and so he thinks she won’t counter back on you? You think you have a birth right on her to say whatever your dirty mind thinks? Don’t you have any values or what?


Another question of mine is that why are boys not taunted if they are found alone? What if there are two boys in a room with their door locked and windows shut, wouldn’t your mind think what their doing, what if they are gay? Mine will and I am honest in saying this.

Nobody would say this word after all good girls who belong to a reputed family are not supposed to say this. Right?

The thing is everybody knows this but they are coward to say it openly but when it comes to girls even the rat becomes the king of the world because they think girls are vulnerable, they are weak and they won’t say anything. Because basically whatever you do a girl is always to be blamed.

What is it that makes boys superior to girls? Or in other words let me ask you that why do we still live in a male dominating society?

Why a girl has to be blamed for every thing? Why is not the other way round?

If a girl gets pregnant before marriage, it's her fault but nobody asks her who did that to her, was she forced or was she drugged? Was she promised for a marriage? Was she in need of something?

If she gets a baby after marriage and it's not a boy then again she has to be blamed for it. Who will teach them biology then? No one. They have such a weak memory that they forgot to know about the x and the y chromosome. Do they want to be taught again the 10th class biology or what? Don’t they have brains?

If a girl is beaten up by her laws after marriage and she stands for herself then also she is to be blamed because in this male dominating society she fought for the right thing. She showed everyone that she is strong enough to live her own life with no support. She doesn’t need a husband to run her own life and beats her or torture her. She can be a whole world all in herself.

She was abused for doing nothing. She had to listen all those terrible words. She couldn’t resist and she responded back with all the power she had in her heart. And this is what exactly she said

“ sir, I belong to a family where I am taught cultures and ethics and I remember them nicely. All these things that you are thinking are wrong and I wouldn’t hesitate saying this to you million of times because I know I am right. I am not saying anything wrong because I didn’t do anything wrong. I am not scared for neither I am a coward like you nor I think this cheap. I wish you had a daughter because if you are questioning me, you are questioning every daughter in this world. It’s not about me being here, it’s about every girl who feels embarrassed and broken from inside because of people like you who can only have dirt in their mind. You worship all the goddesses, goddess laxmi for money, goddess saraswati for intelligence and yet you are disobeying me, yet you are shouting on a part of the goddess you worship. If you are disrespecting me, you are disrespecting them”


She cried and I know how much she would have felt this pain inside her because she stayed with a friend of his for just five minutes. Because she thought that this society is not like before. Because for once she thought that people around her are like the ones she grew up with. Where no girl is doubted or treated like this. And still she cried with millions of questions revolving in her mind. Thinking of changing that single moment when she entered that room but what’s done is done. Her soul is hurted and I know that man wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight for deep inside he must be knowing what he did.


And this is our society we live in, a society of doctors, engineers, pilots, army officers and police man who are educated yet they are ILLITERATE.

And I am not at all proud of being here and I wish to change it for I know one man might not make a difference but one girl, one strong independent woman can.

One more funny thing about our society is you need a bride who wears a salwar suits and sarees but you need a girlfriend who is cool, sexy and wears short clothes.

According to me a son would leave his parents for once but a daughter would never. From a very long time girls have been sacrificing their choices, their freedom but I guess it’s more than enough now. I don’t know about you but I have already started breaking the rules that this society has made for the girls. So from now if I am looked as if I have done a crime or something, I would rather smile and tell those ass holes that I don’t give a shit about what their dirty mind thinks for I know what I am and I don’t need to prove it to anyone for I am one of the best god had ever created.

So from now I’d request all the beautiful ladies to break the rules for a change, start living the way you want and all those guys who respect women to fight for them, support them to change the real illiteracy of the society. To be there because she has always been and will be there for you whenever you need.