“As a child we used to dream,

Of toys, chocolates and ice-cream.

But after a certain age as we grow,

The dreams become filled with sadness and woe.

Broken windows can still show dreams,

Shattered lies we can’t ever seem to redeem.

Shreds of truth on a pane of glass,

A broken dream that came to pass.

Teardrops falling like the rain,

Are an unseen symbol of our pain.

Those fall from the eyes,

For all the truths that were turned to lies,

For the hopes that shattered on the floor,

And all the lies that were hidden behind a door.

A sudden silver lining on the cloud,

Can be lost hopes that may be found.

A wish every year we have to sell,

Because of the secrets we cannot tell.

When dreams turn around, a nightmare is made,

Of losing battles and memories fade.

A reality turned back on you,

From a truth no one ever knew.

They take your dream and twist it around,

Shattering all beautiful memories on the ground.

Whisked away by just one scream,

They give you back your twisted dream.

But when they do, this I can bet,

A nightmare in exchange of your dream is what you get.”

Dreams are always a part of us. Even though they occur during the night, they remain with us during the day as we try to make sense of it all. To make sense of what we dreamed and how we could dream it. It’s a place where everyone goes during the night yet they are the only ones who know about it; the others have no single clue. It’s a place safely secluded in a far away land, out of any man’s reach and beyond the grasp of those who may plunder, where mysteries abound, excitement grows. Everyone goes alone to this place without leaving a single trace so that none can follow and discover their safe, loving place. It’s where everyone keeps their own secrets, fears and regrets; away from everyone in the world so that they don’t have the power to use it against us and threaten us.

The safest place is supposed to be where we dream, but it seems that’s when the devil tends to attack most of the time. Comforting everyone with warmth and sleepy slumber but disturbed by horrific fear caught beneath my throat and expelled in blood curdling screams. The sheets become a noose for every night we swing, we swing our life away. The pillow becomes an ocean as every night we drown in our own tears, struggles, loss and hopes. During the day we are protected and we can smile without worry as the Monster is asleep.

I never believed that dreams could come true, but then I realized that nightmares are dreams too. There are four kinds of nightmares that leave us disheveled, disoriented and undone. We happen to know one of them really well as they happen at night, when we wake up in fear from a terrible sight and a terrible feeling. The second one too is common as it happens in broad daylight which leaves us in cold sweat, from seeing his heart being stolen by someone else. While the third is a little scarier and happens all the time as they are not ghosts that are scratching at the earlobes. The fourth kind is the worst. It happens on the brightest and the happiest days. It’s the envisioning of a fear that we’re gonna lose everything and that we will fall apart.

But even though dreams turn into nightmares as we grow up, I would like to tell you guys not to give up dreaming. Because in the end dreams are a place that is completely our own, a place we can make like we want it to be. It’s a perfect illusion which cannot be shattered even by a terrible world outside. It’s the only place where we truly get to be ourselves and get to prove how worthy we are. And if we dream, it’s then only we will have the energy and motivation to prove ourselves, to prove that whatever we dream, we can turn them into reality just by working hard.

We all know life is short and very frail. What was once there can disappear in a fraction of a second because that’s just how life is. In a blink of an eye, you will realize that it was all just a lie if you don’t go make it happen. So close your eyes, spread your wings, make a good a wish and live your dreams.