This is a beautiful story of the gorgeous ‘Fur ball’ who is a female Pitbull dog and never left the side of her master even in the dangerous times. I won’t reveal her story any further and let you read for yourself.

Fur ball had an amazing family of four which included her master Steve, his two sons Mike and Asher and her wife Candice. They all loved their dog to pieces and even slept with her many times. The dog on the other hand too loved her family and would usually bring stuff to them like their slippers, her favorite pillow etc. which showcased her trust in them.

“Come on, let’s go” commanded her master to which she obediently followed and went out and sat in the back of the car.

Fur ball was completely u unaware of the trip that she was taken on to but did not oppose her master and sat in the car. Steve and her wife too sat in the front seat and they started driving. Almost after half an hour, they reached a place known as the ‘Dog Heaven’ which was a dog spa.

Fur ball slept on the drive and was woken up by Candice but when she saw the spa she instantly knew why she was brought here. She was so happy that she licked the faces of the owners could not keep her calm till they got inside. It was her pamper day, she got her nails done, her hair was looking fresh and she was well groomed overall. It was one of the best days of her life and she could not thank her master more.

Things like this were usual to happen with her but every time she got really excited and forgot about the same past experience.

This resulted in the growth of immense love between the dog and the family. Cuddling, treats, playing Frisbee, fetch were now an everyday thing but she loved it. Waking up in the same bed as the children, going to the same bathroom really gave a sense of belongingness to the dog.

Until one day that changed everything. The master was diagnosed with a harmful disease in which he was not able to move at all without assistance from a family member. Though this was an acute problem caused due to a worm that entered his brain it really required a family member present at all times with him till he completely recovered.

The members used to take a turn as now the mother had to go to work for some time and feed the family, therefore, she would be there on weekends and the boys would be present all time after a few hours of morning school. Fur ball, on the other hand, was present at all times and really took care of Steve, she would bring edibles, newspaper, towels etc. and even licked him in her free time trying to console him. She truly was one gem of a dog.