A father is one who always stands like a mountain for our problems and is the one who never expresses his emotions. But today when Afridi was leaving he melted the heart of his father.

Where did Afridi want to go?

Afridi had completed all the formalities of moving to abroad. He was done with his passport, visa, and all other accountabilities. Afridi was working with a multinational company and was the associate manager of that company. He has had a great hold over the company and was running it successfully. There was a great opportunity in Japan regarding a training and a project. Also, attending this will promote him. He was so excited as well as anxious when he was selected for the project. Excited because it will promote him and anxious because he will have to leave his family for 5 long years.

Afridi belongs to a middle-class family and his career was of prime importance. It was a huge leap for him. This opportunity was a staircase of accomplishment for him. His mom was extremely happy with this opportunity but on the other hand, he was the single child of his parents and they were so attached to him. That is why on hearing about this project his mom was quite sad. Every time she talked to her son before leaving her eyes would fill with tears. I would every time console her that technology is on the peak, we will video chat daily and if that wouldn’t be possible I will every day call you. Don’t be sad. I am with you and will always be there for you. I will never me you feel lonely. Trust me!

But my mom said, “Can touchscreen gadgets make you feel the actual touch of love?” “Can you taste your favorite food merely by seeing the pictures of food?” Those little and cute talks that we have by sitting beside each other, can messages and talks on phone replace them?

These talks would make Afridi jiggered after all she was her mother. And she couldn’t control her emotions. Her eyes were always filled with tears. I could feel the pain of separation in her eyes and the immense love that she had for me. This was the main reason that was holding me back.

My father was exactly opposite to him. He was extremely serious, was full of authorities and never expressed his emotions. He had the same expression whether he was happy or sad. No one could recognize that what was going inside him. He was subtle. So, after hearing the news of getting the job in abroad for 5 years he was neither excited nor unhappy. I was habitual with this since my childhood. My father always maintained a distance from me I didn’t get that much of love that I got mom, my mother. Although he loved me a lot from the core of his heart but never expressed this. I played very little with my father during my childhood years. He was very firm and strict. I never asked him to buy me a toy or something like this. He loved me a lot but didn’t pamper me like my mom would do. It was not like that he never completed his responsibilities. He always does with his full strength and heart. It was just his personality that he was like this. My mom would act a bridge between us two. Knowingly there was some kind of separation between me and my father due to his nature. This separation was always unspoken.