Eos' and 'Aurora' have been called as the Greek and Roman goddesses of Dawn.

Dawn means day break when the grey firmament changes into blue,signifying the beginning of a new day.The word 'Dawn' has been significant in the history of mankind.Right from the beginning of this world the word 'Dawn' has been persisting in the world.

                                       Some of the countries welcome it with a ceremonial welcome .While others consider it auspicious as it brings another day in our lives. 

  This word also reminds us of the famous victories around the world which have been achieved before the break of another day during the Titanic wars .One such incident took place in the life of Major Rajveer Singh.He was the commander -in-chief of the Indian Sikh Regiment which was posted at Kargil near Jammu and Kashmir.

It was already anticipated that a fierce combat was inimitable in the region against the enemy .A hint of disturbance in the region was already passed over to the Indian Camp.Intelligence had also announced that Pakistani troops on the other side might attack at 'dawn' but the big question was How and When.Major Rajveer Singh Colonel Harnam Singh and other senior members of the Sikh Regiment were already prepared for the impending attack.

"Dawn' would have brought a victory as much as a defeat for them.

It was after midnight that some movement was observed on the other side.Night binoculars had clearly indicated that the first groups of the enemy was advancing to the Indian post,but the danger was seen in the advantage of the enemy who was on the higher altitude and were occupying the topmost part of the Kargil mountain.As the territory belonged to Indians therefore it was a question of pride for this regiment to win the battle.Seeing the strength of the enemy it was looking difficult to overcome them when it came to the comparison of numbers.The regiment only had hundred odd soldiers as compared to the enemy which looked as many as five hundred soldiers.Even help from the other nearby post would have taken a lot of time.The second post was around twenty- five kilometers away and the soldiers were employed in repearing a bridge which was facilitating the passage of most of the soldiers .As the task would have taken atleast four  more hours therefore any help from this part would have not been possible before Dawn.

The word 'Dawn' was reverberating in the ears of the regimental soldiers.

But still the spirits of theses soldiers were high.At last came the time for retaliation.Two or three explosions had already taken place near the post but were not answered from this side .'Do or die' situation encouraged Major Rajveeer Singh to sacrifice his life as a human bomb.He could have hauled himself up on the cliff and would fall on the enemy to sure death.Everything went according to the plan.Nobody was told about the move ,only Colonel Harnam Singh knew it somewhere inside his heart.Most of the soldiers of their Regiment had been killed.Now,there were only a few who were providing a little resistance to the enemy.

It was almost dawn as the grey firmament was now looking a little blue.Exactly at 5:30 in the morning came the blast which resounded through the whole valley.

The great patriot had given his life.The mission was accomplished with the blood of a hero.

It was Harnam Singh who was alive to witness this great sacrifice.The heroic tale was narrated thereafter but history had been written .Another martyr had been born.

Then came the 'Dawn' with the rays of glory and pride for the Indian.Another battle had been won.