*Shalvi’s Point of View*

I always knew there was something different about him. Like, he was someone I knew before I even met him I felt as though, we had met before and that he was waiting for me to come into his life. As though he was on a quest to find me. However, what I found out about him was something that I did not expect at all.

He was an immortal.

At first, I did not believe it either. How could someone be an immortal? That is not possible and does not even make sense. I thought I was just being close minded and ignored the signs that I was getting from my 80 year old neighbor. He told me that he had known Rohan since he was a kid. So, according to that, Rohan should be 80 years old right now. But, Rohan was still a 25 year old. It freaked me out a bit. I thought that my neighbor was just trying to scare me so I ignored him.

I believed that Rohan was just another normal human like me and continued my relationship with him. I was sure that he loved me a lot and I was also in love with him. I did not want anyone else to come between us and create problems as Rohan really disliked arguing with me. He hated seeing me hurt or distressed due to any reason and so i never spoke to him about anything regarding this.

Then, however, something strange happened. I was cleaning our wardrobe, and I found a few pictures of Rohan with women who looked just like me! I was shocked and taken aback. He looked the same way he does now. It scared me because I remembered the words of my neighbor about him being an immortal.

I knew I had to confront him because this evidence against him was starting to make me question his loyalty and honesty. Who was he? I had been dating him for 5 years! In all these 5 years, he never mentioned a thing about this. Why was he lying to me all these years?

That night he came home early, and I was sitting in our living room. He looked at me and knew that I was concerned about something. He walked to me and asked me, “what’s wrong, babe?”

I looked at him in disbelief. How could he be so natural while hiding such a big fact from me! He knew I loved him and if he had any secrets to share, I would accept and love him unconditionally. Then, why was he hiding his true self from me?

“Who are you?” I asked him, sounding really rude.

“Rohan?” He looked confused.

“Oh, please,” I rolled my eyes, unable to control my disappointment and anger, “explain this,” I showed him the pictures that I found.

“Oh… babe,” He looked surprised and caught off-guard, “look, it’s not what you think it is,”

“Then, please explain?” I asked him, in a demanding tone, “Why do all these girls look the same way as I do?”

“Look, I don’t think that even matters,” he nodded his head.

I was beyond furious at this point, how could he act this way? Couldn’t he see how much this was affecting me and our relationship?

“It matters to me,” I told him, furiously, “if it does not matter to you, then you can just leave!”

“Are you seriously just going to throw away all of this because of one stupid issue?” he looked hurt.

“Yes,” I said, “because you’re not taking me seriously,”

“Oh, God, Shalvi,” he said in a pointed tone, “get a grip. I just don’t think this matter is as serious as you’re making it to be,”

“Fine!” I snapped, “if you really think lying to me is okay, then, fine. I’ll just leave,”

“Stop it!” he yelled, “What do you want to know? Isn’t knowing that I love you enough?!”

“No, it isn’t!” I screamed, “you’re clearly lying to me about something. Why is it such a big secret? Who are these girls? Who the hell are you?!”

“I am an immortal!” He snapped, finally, “Happy? I’m an immortal and these girls don’t just look like you, they are you.”

Those words stunned me, and what he said next… was almost unbelievable.