Zara, a girl with a passion for living independently, shares a small space with us in this world. She is quite unique , strong, charming and passionate. Everyone surrounds her filled with joy and laughter. She is a common girl living a common life as we all live, but had a different dream of exploring the world.

The world we live in is a miraculous one filled with heritage, different culture, mysterious places, belief, judgemental, celestial..etc. Indians are especially proud of following their oldest culture, have different languages, different religions, villages, Ethnicity, cows are sacred, TajMahal symbol of love.. Beyond all these convictions it is a question mark that a girl has her 100% privilege rights. Being a girl and bringing out their dreams is quite complicated as she has to struggle for equality, Education and the biggest struggle to get out of the house. She also has to face gender discrimination, sexual abuse, harrasements.etc. Tolerating all these scuffles girls are still spreading love with a smile to the world in return.

As well zara a 20 yrs old girl struggling to explore the world with full enthusiasm. The world not only has pride positives but also the cruel negativity among people. Each and everyone we come across are not superior and also inferior. Understanding people’s mindset and having the same attitude as others leads a peaceful life. People will degrade in all the possible ways they can but being consistent in your dream is a master stroke. So she decided to achieve her dream and become a queen with a crown.

The moral of the story is that everyone should believe in themselves , follow their dreams, do whatever their heart says that makes them happy and make achievements in their own ways. As Zara, everyone has to be individual dreamers of their own life. Don’t let anyone judge your ardour. Be the queen until your existence.

“Believe in you”