On a sunny May afternoon in 2005, a boy named Prateek was born into a family of 14. However, shortly after his birth, his father left, leaving the family shattered. The family believed that Prateek’s arrival brought about their separation, leading them to question his destiny. Although they all lived under the same roof, Prateek’s mother, himself, and his older sister received no support except from their grandparents.

Due to the negative words and beliefs within the family, Prateek’s mother fell into depression and suffered a heart attack and paralysis on one side of her body. Prateek was primarily raised by his grandmother, who affectionately called him Kanhiya. In this challenging environment, Prateek learned essential life skills from his grandmother, from cooking to ironing clothes, as he grew up amidst adversity.

Facing societal challenges and fighting for his mother and sister, Prateek encountered numerous ups and downs. His younger siblings bullied him, treating him as a source of entertainment. These mistreatments led him into a deep depression, prompting him to distance himself from his family and contemplate suicide. He sought solace by taking sleeping pills, trying to escape the difficulties surrounding him. However, on a fateful day, he had an epiphany. He realized that he had the power to change his circumstances and make things better.

Prateek embarked on a journey to improve his mental health, taking care of his mother and spending quality time with his grandmother. For a period of two to three years, things began to improve. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again when his grandmother fell ill. Carrying her in his arms, he rushed down the stairs, desperately calling for a car to take her to the hospital. Sadly, his family discovered that she had passed away.

Stricken with grief and lacking support, Prateek blamed himself for not being able to save his grandmother, his pillar of strength. Nonetheless, he remained strong for his mother, sister, and grandfather. Despite the challenges he faced, he enrolled in college, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication at Indraprastha University. Determined to create a happier life for his small family, he focused on his physical and mental well-being, while also nurturing his relationships with his loved ones.

Leaving behind the dark days of his past, Prateek learned valuable lessons and adopted a positive outlook on life. He is committed to creating a better future, prioritizing his family’s welfare and personal growth.