We all have different ways of showing what we like , what we love and all our actions are based on our conditions. A boy named Dave lived with his family , A loving but impulsive mother , A caring father who’s always busy and working to provide them the resources that they need , An elder sister who wants to explore the world. They all love each other but never show it to others. The young boy wanted to do something and be more than just a middle class earner and wanted a computer to start working on various thing that he liked , by this time the sister was earning and joined the govt. Teaching department and as such it was now time for the family to get he settled. Yes they wanted her to get married and why wouldn’t they as the father’s health was also not good. The resources were not abundant and neither was money but the boy did needed the computer or so he thought. He started collecting money from various ways , he did part time job and an internship for about 6000 rupees per month. He worked hard as he did the job and study together cause he knew it was the only way he can get out of the loop and work his way up to achieve his goal. Time passed as they did their part in the family and after about 11 months the boy had enough to make his dream come true but it wasn’t what was coming his way. The father needed money for the marriage of the sister , through he didn’t tell anyone in the family and worked even harder but they all knew what was happening. The boy who had all the money he needed for himself was at his home for weekend and as the time passed he talked to himself as to what he should do .Help himself or his father? Days passed as he made his decision finally he made his choice and went to his father with the money he had saved and gave it to him . His father told him that he doesn’t have to do it and that he can use it as he pleased. The boy asked his father if he used his money as he pleased and father without any hesitation replied thats what he did , choices he made were all his and he is pleased with his choices. The boy smiled and said if caring for us was your choice than caring for you is mine. 

The family we all have is always there to help us , no matter how much you fight with your parents , just think of the choices they have made for your happiness.