The story runs like a personal narration of a woman’s experiences in her life through her diary that would really create an inspiration to the readers.


“This moment is a milestone in the history of my life, for I am one of the youngest woman scientists in our country. This day is just a long-term dream that has come true. The deepest desire of my life was to find the cure to the deadliest disease, cancer, so that more lives could be saved and today, I have achieved it in a single treatment procedure for all the types of cancer. I am in deep pride on this occasion” my voice trembled in emotion for I have made my lifetime achievement. I saw the droplets of happiness welling up my parents’ eyes. “I thank The Almighty for His blessings and everyone who has helped me on this success”, with this, I was about to leave the podium.

The Head of the Council of Scientists stopped me and said “ Please make some notes of your success to the audience.” I thought for a moment and then decided to take up this chance for creating an inspiration. I started, “well, it was a time when I was about 10 years old and my grandma was narrating me a story about myself.” I started narrating the conversation..  “

Grandma: In those days, when a female baby was born, they used to kill the baby.

Me           : Oh no!! how cruel !!

G.M         : yes, female infanticide was a rule in the society. You just escaped it to life because of your parents. Your mom and dad loved you so much from when you were a fetus. So they could not see you die. They fought with the Heads of our village and made you survive.

Me           : But why the society wants to kill female children?

G.M         : It is mainly because of the dowry system that exists in the society.

Me           : dowry? Whats that?

G.M         : It is money or gifts demanded by the groom’s family from the bride’s for the marriage. Poor parents cannot afford dowry and hence female infanticide emerged with the idea of nibbing this problem in the bud.

Me          : If they killed all the girl child, then who will the boys marry?

I asked with the greater knowledge of my innocence for which my granny gave away a smile. But that day, I felt there needed a change. I wondered if there was a situation where the woman become valuable and respectful that they could demand dowry from the groom. Atleast then, will the society ever realize the harm of dowry system!? I felt really scared when I thought about female infanticide. As I was growing up with all these thoughts of ‘need-for-a-change’ in the society, I was horrified with the news of my father being affected by cancer. I was broken, to see the man, who gave me life, now struggling for his own life… I wondered my existence without him. But then , I decided that I could get him cured with my love and hard work + intelligence and that intention of mine has brought me to this achievement. Now, with the advanced techniques of gene alteration, all the types of cancer could be cured. So I have saved the life of not only my father but of many lovable people in this world.” I felt deeply happy and took a breath of relief. I was thinking of other things to add up to my speech.

Somebody said, ‘being a woman is priceless’. But for years, this male chauvinistic society fixes price for acquiring these priceless women into their family. I wanted to make my point strong and started again “To all women here, I roar, we are not born to be dominated.

We are born to achieve, to love and to be loved. Come out of your bonds and develop your talents, expose yourself, create imprints on the stones of history.

If I had been a victim to female infanticide, I would not have been standing here before you all. I gladly consecrate this day to my beloved parents who made me live so that I have helped in saving many lives. I wish all women in the world to take bold steps forward in their life and achieve zealous success. Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity” I concluded and a thundering applause electrified the entire hall. I wondered if it was all a dream and then silently reached my seat with the thought of reality. Other processions of the event occurred.

This was the day I had been dreaming of all through years. This day would be unforgettable, historical and the most happiest of my life. I was the talk of everyone in the hall. At the dinner, here and there, wherever I went, people congratulated me and I felt amused. I felt greatly pleased when my mom was joyfully talking with people proudly about her daughter. A few minutes before, I was on the stage expressing my fierce towards the society and now I believe there comes a change.

Yes, Being a woman is priceless. Woman are built with deeper strengths at heart. They could tolerate innumerable stress and still could express unconditional love for others. They can achieve things easily because of their strong determination…

Tara, what are you still doing there? Come down soon for lunch.” When I came to reality, I heard my mom calling me for some nth time as I had deeply drowned in reading the book ‘The Diary of a Great Scientist’. I was greatly inspired by these special pages of the diary and felt determined that I too have to achieve great things in my life. With those few pages, I felt some new energy within me that provoked me into a great start towards the grand path of my life..and soon, there are pages of history to fill up my life events.. I said to myself..