This story is a small travel through various incidents of the society. The motive is to establish a positive opinion regarding the need to use knowledge to lead a happy life.


It was a pleasant spring morning when I peered through the window into the beautiful meadow outside. There laid blooming trees lining up the ends of the road and in between the trees were the poles joining up the electric wires. As I was staring out, my eyes caught up with a cute little cuckoo trying to settle itself on the surface of a swinging wire. There was a heavy breeze chilling up the morning, perturbing the bird’s balance. It soared up its wings for once but still remained on the wire.

My mind dwelled up with the thoughts of all the duties of that bird rather leaving my own duties of the day aside. As the day breaks, the bird flies around everywhere, finds its prey, takes them to its nest for its chicks, enjoys good time at the nest, the day ends and repeats. The quests that struck my mind was “why we humans have to suffer a lot for surviving in this competitive world? What makes the difference in the life of humans from other living beings?” and the answers were not so tough. It’s just the thing we colloquially name as ‘The Sixth Sense’ that makes all these differences between various species. From a religious view, it is believed that the number of senses vary from smaller organisms to the higher animals and at last but not the least, humans are said to possess the highest level, the sixth sense, which is regarded as the ability to analyze things and the ability to find solutions to various problems. To add up, the level of the sense not only differentiates man from other animals, but also differentiates the humans among themselves. This sense, which we also regard as intelligence decides the supremacy of a person in a society and here it becomes the answer to my question of ‘the so-competitive environment’. My mind scrolled itself to the known list of great scientists, politicians, artists and other achievers in various fields. I also thought about the very purpose of education, i.e improving one’s knowledge by learning the existing things of the world and promoting creativity for inventions.

Running into the memories, someday, I started out to the day’s chores.On the way I listened to the people about the talks of the town such as the newly introduced car, earthquake-resistant constructions, and medication for the deadly virus and so on. I reached one of my friend’s home where I saw her little six-year-old girl playing. While having a chat with my friend, I kept an eye on the curious kid who was playing with water paints in a small palette. Suddenly she gave a joyous scream exclaiming “Mom, look here. I have got green by using blue and yellow paints.” My friend went near her and cheered up her telling “Yes, my dear. So now you know that mixing of two colors can give you new colors” and taught her other derivable colors. I wondered how the little girl was learning things through amusements and left her home.

Another day, I came across the news of the newly launched satellite for researching the possibility of life in other planets.

It made me more pleased about the scientific advancements that were undergoing in my country. I regarded myself that it was all because of the knowledge that man possess, that makes him travel the journey of life. Man has been given the capacity to differentiate things, to learn from mistakes, create from the knowledge and tackle the problems that come in his way and that made him unique from all the other creatures of the world.

Suddenly the thing that popped out of my mind was about the cruelties existing in the society. Some days, the spaces of the newspapers were filled all about illegal actions, such as thefts, murders or about unworthy relationship troubles. In making truth of someone’s words “Good and evil go hand in hand”, people have started indulging in senseless acts. I wondered how heartless men have become over time that they don’t understand the pain and harm they cause to others. We have been created with greater powers, strengths and talents. Still many people have not realized the value of the sense, a blessing showered upon the human race, and they exist to be beasts. At present, much space of the society has become so wild and rude which could be understood from all the evils happening in the recent days. Crime rates are achieving summits and people have lost their senses. The world has become educationally, professionally competitive for the people with sense on one hand and a place of illegal, inhuman pleasures for the senseless creatures on the other. I said to myself that, the destination of the people in their journey of life may be better or worse depending on their intuitions, which again means their response through their sense. If people use their knowledge for good deeds, the Earth would become a happier and peaceful planet for all. I wished for such a day to come, where people will not be competitive for monitorial statuses and fake relationships but equally contented and peaceful.

When my mind was fighting with all these thoughts about the similarities and differences between men and animals, the little feathers fought with the air and the cuckoo made its way through the journey of its life.