Business Thieves is a suspense thriller. A Police team receives a challenging case in which they have to search for an unknown culprit. Their search and findings are the content of Business Thieves.


Chapter XXIV: The Call list

Date: 13th June 2012
Place: The Commissioner Office, Chennai

After the funeral of Inspector Ramesh, the seriousness of the case increased higher.

All the officers involved in the case were having an urge to hunt down the monkey robot and its team.

It was evening 4 O Clock and the meeting hall got filled with Police officers.
Kannan entered the room.

There were discussions and murmurs in the room.
Kannan took his seat.

Everybody became silent.
Kannan started to speak.

Kannan said, “As per our latest reports, we have the phone call list of Farooq”

Kannan added,”The repeated calls has gone to a single number during the hotel attacks”

Everybody was listening in an anxious manner.
Kannan said,”The suspect’s name is Sirish Kumar”

Kannan added,” Sirish Kumar could be an associate of Farooq”
Pugazhendhi asked, “where is he located?”

Kannan said,”The identity proof submitted shows that he is from Vettavalam”

Pugazhendhi said,”Vettavalam and Tiruvannamalai are nearby towns”

Kannan said, “yes, then it confirms that they both are colleagues”

Pugazhendhi said, “Then we have almost reached the culprits”

Kannan said, “Yes, Raja’s team is now in Vettavalam”
Pugazhendhi said, “That is a great move”

Kannan said, “By tonight we can hear some good news”

Pugazhendhi said, “We are waiting for the news”
Kannan said, “I propose our team to work tonight, and I need your co-operation”

Everybody said, “We will co-operate sir”


Chapter XXV: The Trace
Date: 13th June 2012
Place: Vettavalam

It was the Chamundi Street in the town of Vettavalam.
The time was 6 O clock.

A Police Jeep came into the street.
An Officer by name Anand was present in the Jeep.

Anand was searching for a house with door number 13.

After five minutes of search, Anand found the house.

The Jeep stopped at the House number 13.
Anand got down and went near the gate.

Anand pressed the switch of the door bell.
A lady came and opened the Gate.

Anand asked, “Is this Mr.Sirish Kumar’s house?”
The lady said, “Yes it is”

Anand asked, “Can I see him now?”
The Lady said, “He is in Chennai”

Anand asked, “Can I come in, I need some information”

The lady said, “Yes sir, Please come in”

Anand went inside the house.
The lady offered him a seat.

Anand asked, “By the way, who are you to Sirish Kumar?”
The lady said, “I am his aunt”

Anand asked, “Is he married?”
The lady said, “No, I was insisting him to get married. He is now 30 years old”

Anand said, “Can I know your name madam?”
The lady said, “I am Sujatha”

Anand said, “Madam, I have a bad news for you”
Sujatha asked, “What sir?”

Anand said, “Your boy Sirish is a suspect in a criminal case”

Sujatha exclaimed, “No, It cannot be”

Anand said,” I need his Chennai address right now”

Sujatha asked, “Sir, can you give me more details?”

Anand said, “No, you have to co-operate”
Anand added, “Madam, this is a murder case”

Sujatha got stunned on hearing it.

Sujatha took a paper and wrote the Chennai address of Sirish Kumar.

She gave the address to Anand.

Anand saw the paper, it got written as,”No.113, 3rd street, Stephen colony, Ramapuram, Chennai”

Anand took his phone and dialled a number.
The call got answered, “Hello, Anand”

Anand said, “Hello Inspector Raja”
Raja said, “Yes, Anand”

Anand said, “Sir, I found the house of Sirish Kumar”

Raja said, “Great sir, who is there in the house”

Anand said, “We have his aunt here”
Raja said, “Where is he right now?”

Anand said, “He is in Chennai only”
Raja asked, “Have you got that address?”

Anand said, “Yes sir, I will send a message of the address right now”
Raja said,”Ok, what is her Aunt?”

Anand said, “Seems to be a homemaker and she is alone here”

Raja said,”Ok, until we arrest Sirish, please keep her under surveillance”

Anand said,”Ok sir, I will bring in a lady police here for surveillance at home”

Raja said, “Yes, we need not take her to station”

Anand said, “Anything else sir?”
Raja said, “No, nothing more, bye, I will call you if required”

The phone call got disconnected.

(To be continued)