I feel like I am white. Boring white. My name is Tanya and I don’t like any colours. I don’t like red who’s always taking everyone’s attention or pink who’s prettier than everyone. There’s Gia in my class and Gia is red. Everyone somehow loves talking to red and everyone loves to be friends with her. Rina is pink. She’s the prettiest one in class and her best friend is red obviously. I am the lonely white with no friends in class. Today was a similar day, I went to class and talked to no one while pink and red had all the fun. “Kids, Ms. Shreya is on a sick leave today so no maths class today.” Kids running and screaming all around the class in celebration after hearing the news while I got another hour of being bored. Red and pink again gathered their group and started talking and laughing obnoxiously. I took out my sketchbook and started sketching some random cartoons. “Oh my god, is that Tom and Jerry?” I turned around and realized that red was the one talking to me. “Yeah, it is.” She started looking at the sketch closely and I thought maybe this was my chance to make friends. “Do you like them?” I asked “Yes I love Tom and Jerry” and that’s how we started talking. She called pink and all her friends over to show them my sketches and now we were all gathered around my table and now I was the one laughing obnoxiously along with them and I did not feel like some outsider anymore. I realized red and pink were so nice and fun and so was everyone and maybe I would have realized this if I had talked to them. It was crazy how we bonded over something so small like a Tom and Jerry but became so close in such a short period of time. Slowly, day by day, we started talking more and I was a part of their group and I started to love red and pink and all the colours. I started talking to people and being more friendly to people and people were nice to me in return. I still wonder what would have happened if red had never noticed my sketch.