In a world where societal norms frequently determine our course, there was one person who dared to dream and deviate from the standard. This is the inspiring tale of a young kid named Rahul who, in the face of tremendous pressure from his family and society, found comfort and unshakable support in an unlikely online friendship.

Chapter 1: Juggling IIT JEE Coaching and School :

Rahul, a hardworking student, became entangled in a web of expectations. He began the difficult process of getting ready for the famous IIT JEE entrance exam while juggling his normal schoolwork. It was a heavy responsibility on his shoulders to excel in both areas. He began to lose hope as the stress increased.

The Dangers of False Friendships, Chapter 2:

Rahul faced several people who tried to take advantage of his vulnerabilities while he was struggling. These so-called “friends” took advantage of his expertise and abilities for their own gain, further undermining his faith in other people. He was made even more disheartened and dejected by the betrayals.

Chapter 3: An Online Connection That Just So Happened:

Rahul found an internet chat platform in a moment of despair and there he met Maya, are markable young woman. Despite the society’s cautions regarding the risks of internet friendships, they developed a closer bond. Rahul found comfort and a newfound sense of purpose in their chats as they discussed their issues, goals, and dreams.

Chapter 4: Friendship’s Unbreakable Bonds:

Rahul and Maya developed an unbreakable relationship despite all hardships. They unwaveringly supported and trusted in each other despite the scepticism and concerns they encountered from others. They found each other to be a source of strength, inspiration, and constant support through their everyday contacts.

Chapter 5: The Dream of Revolutionizing the World:

One day, Rahul mustered the courage to confide in Maya about his passion for coding and his dream to bring about a technological revolution. Undeterred by the lack of support from his family and society, Rahul embarked on developing a unique chatting application. Maya became his confidante, advisor, and the pillar of unwavering support he needed.

Chapter 6: Overcoming Adversity and Triumph:

As Rahul’s journey continued, his dreams faced relentless opposition. Doubts and societal pressure threatened to undermine his confidence, particularly during the critical JEE Main examination. Yet, with Maya’s constant support and belief in his abilities, Rahul managed to overcome his anxieties, excel in the exam, and qualify for the JEE Advanced.

Chapter 7: The Triumph of True Friendship :

Rahul and Maya’s extraordinary friendship was a testament to the fact that not all online friendships are shallow or insincere. Their bond transcended the virtual realm, offering them the strength and courage to overcome all obstacles. Together, they proved that genuine friendship knows no boundaries and can help individuals achieve their dreams.

conclusion :

Rahul’s journey from a student overwhelmed by societal expectations to a determined dreamer was fueled by the transformative power of friendship. Despite facing numerous challenges, his unwavering belief in his dreams and the unwavering support of Maya propelled him to success. This heartwarming tale is a reminder that amidst pressures and doubts, true friendship can light the way and help us realize our true potential


  1. Disha Maurya

    It is a very good book which relates so much with today’s generation. The book talks about how young generation feels in this busy and hustling world.
    Rahul the main character of the book is struggling with the pressure of parents and society of excelling in school and JEE exam.
    He met Maya an online friend who became his source of support, motivation, empathy.
    With help of Maya he excelled in his exams and found a true friendship with unbreakable bond.
    It is a very sweet story of two people meeting online and developing a good friendship bond.
    I would definitely recommend this to read.