Alia is sitting on the couch on a cold winter morning sipping the fresh brews of coffee to lower the winter chills. The blue couch is reminding her of the blues she is handling in her life currently. The dark walls of her room are providing her warmth as well from the cold atmosphere of the house. The white curtains are providing her the positive aura to tackle the howling beast inside her. Those hundreds of frame in her room without picture are symbolising and speaking more than one secret at a time. Her room has lots of dream catcher in her room to divert her mind to positive things in her life. Alia is not less than a mystery to solve with ease and comfort. Her silence speaks more than half a miles distance. The antonym of happiness is her beloved friend.

She is catching a day dream with eyes wide open and not realising that every dream does not come true. The unusual dreams of her are a proof of her weak situation currently. She is dreaming to paint her room with darker colours to remind her of her sorrows and difficult situations every day and every minute to make her life even more miserable and dull. There is a story which needs to be disclosed today itself. The story is there since a long time and is eating her daily and poisoning her slowly. Every day she tries to forget those days and that time but, it keeps haunting her day and night.

However, what really happened is a mystery. She never talks with someone about that really. What happened one unfortunate day? Her summer break in June and she called all her friends and boyfriend for a house party as her parents were out of station. They had pizzas, cocktails and snacks. They danced like they are some crazy animals. Three months of relationship and her love was too deep for him already. After spending a great deal of time when everyone left but, only Alia, her boyfriend and her best friend were left in the house. (Everyone must be thinking that her boyfriend and best friend must be making out) That really did not happen.

Her boyfriend said to her best friend that I will drop you to your house and you do not have to worry about anything. Her best friend lives a little too far. They both left and Alia was alone in the house. Alia was cleaning the mess when her phone started ringing. She answered the call and started crying. She stared breaking everything in her house and lost herself. She called her boyfriend and best friend to come back. They did not go really far and were there with her really soon.

She was mumbling and fumbling but, unable to tell what has happened. And then finally words came out of her mouth and there is no replacement for her loss. In an airplane crash, her parents lost their lives. Her boyfriend and best friend started crying at that moment too. She has none now except her brother, who works outside India and visits only once in the time span of two to three years. From a happy child in a minute she turns into an Orphan.