In your life you meet people who either make you or break you. You come across teachers who you either love and respect deeply, the teachers who help you understand life and not just academics; the one who are there for you. You also meet teachers who, themselves, are so troubled and you’d rather not interact with them once you’re done with your course year. I had the privilege to meet a teacher who changed my life – for the better. This person came in my life with a purpose to help me understand how the world works, how life works and how I can change my own life and do something with it. This person taught me that nobody will help me if I am not ready to help my own self. He taught me how to love and be loved. Somebody who never got tired of my immature problems and always took out time to explain me the formulas of life and not just chemistry.  So, this one’s to him, to the one who calmed me at my most vulnerable phase of life – my Science teacher.

When I first met him, I did not know that this is the man who is going to change how I view my life. As a kid, I was really sad and disturbed. I constantly missed my father, who I had lost in a terrible train accident. When my grandpa passed away, things got even worse. I did not like living, as if I even knew what life was back at 13 years! I thought I wasn’t good enough and I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the dreams I had. Then, I started talking to my Math teacher in my coaching class.  An incredible and wise woman, who always heard me and encouraged me. She knew everything about me back then. Who was my celebrity crush, what was my favorite colour, how close I was to my mother, everything. I loved talking to her and she really did make me feel like I have a voice and I am heard. I told her about my crazy obsession with Justin Bieber and how I was actually in love with him. After that conversation, two or three days later, he (my teacher)  walks into my class and starts making really unfunny “Just IN case” jokes. I knew he was pulling my leg and honestly, his humor hasn’t improved ever since. After that incident, we started talking in class and the office. Then, I added him on Facebook and we would talk there. The conversations nothing more than “Hi, how are you, blah.”

However, after a few months, my academic performance started dilapidating and it became a concern. That was when I started talking to sir about my problems and how I felt so alone sometimes. I think I told him too much about myself and he was there through it all. He really did become the father I always wished to have at some point in my life. Every time something went wrong, I always thought of him and how he would help me and oh, did he. He always told me, “Shweta, there is no trying. You either do it or you don’t,” and I never understood that. I always told him, “Look, I try to study instead of thinking about Justin Bieber, but I just cannot!” To which he’d reply, “You’re simply not doing it. The word ‘trying’ limits you so much that you just end up not doing it,” and I have this conversation registered in my head. Whenever I say, “I’m gonna try,” I quickly reframe it and say, “I’m gonna do it.” This is just one of the many lessons he has taught me. He made me realize that I did not “lose” my dad or my grandpa, they are right here, next to me, always. Oh, he was also my first dance in 10th grade when we went for a camp.

So, when I say he changed my life and that he helped me develop into a wise, wonderful person, I mean it. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. He played a big part in my life and I’m forever grateful to him for that. In fact, he is still there for me. I could just call him and he will be right there (after at least 50 calls)  to help me through whatever problem I’m facing. However, the truth is, he has enabled me to solve my own problems and to believe in myself. I owe him a big one, and I hope, I really hope, one day I can give it all back to him. Till then, I hope this blog post and my prayers will suffice.

Thank you so much for everything, sir. I love you and you really are the love of my life! Not even Justin is so close to my heart as you are (and I hope that makes you happy).