They were a girl, Anu, who was a cute, kind, honest, individual independent girl of age 25 years. She has her own bakery and apartment and her only best friend Nishitha apart from that she doesn’t have anything or anyone in her life. One day after closing her bakery she met a boy named Tom a  rich, handsome, and tall guy of age 27. Tom was depressed and he hates his life because he became blind due to his optic nerve damage at the age of 24, his stepmom wants to get rid of him, he thought due to his blindness he was not fit for his father’s company and he’s not able to do any work with someone help. He tells Anu his story and he wants to die. Anu takes Tom to her apartment and asks Tom to live with her for a few months and then he can do whatever he wants to do because I don’t have any friends to talk to or share emotions with. Tom agrees. Meanwhile, they became good friends. Anu took Tom to the hospital to know about his medical condition, doctor says if the operation was done he can see. But for operation, it took a lot of money. For operation Anu sold her apartment and her bakery, Tom don’t know about selling the bakery and apartment. On the operation day, tom parents knew that Tom was in hospital by knowing that Tom stayed with a girl all these days toms father warned Anu not to meet Tom after the operation and not even think about loving or marriage with Tom because Tom was engaged to the girl named Grace. By listening Anu was devastated and Anu left with a note that she was getting engaged to a rich guy and going abroad. Tom’s operation was successful he wants to see Anu,he asks his father where is anu, and his father gives him a note that Anu wrote. By reading that Tom felt that Anu was greedy and that he loved Anu without knowing her true colours. Now Tom was the manager of his father’s company. Anu was working in a supermarket as a sales girl she don’t have a place to live also she lives in her friend Nishitha’s house. Nishitha works in toms company. Tom knows Nishitha but he didn’t see her. One day in the office meeting Nishitha gives a presentation by listening to Nishitha’s voice Tom felt it was Nishitha’s voice after the meeting Tom talks to Nishitha and ask about Anu how was she, if she got engaged to a rich guy Tom started talking about how Anu was money minded how she runs after rich guys and he says thank god Anu doesn’t know I was rich or she starts seduces me also. After listening to that Nishitha got angry and said to Tom because of you she was homeless and jobless, because of you know she doesn’t have money to eat, she doesn’t have a place to live she’s staying in my house, for your operation she sold her bakery which was her dream and her apartment which was the only one memory of her parents and all her savings for you she did all these things, all she thought was to give you happy life but your saying she cheated you, you cheated her by engaging grace and not telling to Anu. On the day of your operation, your parents told to Anu not meet you, so she left a note.

Tom goes to the supermarket to meet Anu, there he sees how Anu was suffering by giving everything for him he cries and tells her not live him to Anu but Anu says you are engaged then tom tells her he didn’t like Grace for his property only Grace wants to marry. They both hug and live happily ever.