When I was young, I read a book about the creation of humans. God created humans to be loved and to be in love. This is where the concept of soulmates comes from. When he created souls, he divided them into two halves and placed each half in a human. We need to search for our other half to feel complete; this is the ultimate purpose of our lives. The end goal.

All my life, I looked for the love that would hold me captive, tightly bound, and unconditionally. Until one day, I entered my apartment building to find a new resident on my floor. Next to my apartment. Near me. So close. I saw her, all blue hair and black tattoos. Suddenly, I felt a surge of feelings come through me: my insides were warm, my head was spinning, and my heart was racing fast. All the things that I thought were cliché. It was real. Very real. I can feel it in my bones. The sensation is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve spent days and nights tracing the conversation in my head—what I would say and do when I eventually meet her. But now, at this exact moment, my words have failed me. She didn’t even notice me; too preoccupied with the boxes that were stacked up against the wall. Quickly, I ducked into my house, afraid she might turn around and see some stranger staring at her weirdly. I paced up and down, gathering my thoughts and trying to coordinate a conversation starter. Finally, I aligned my words and headed next door to introduce myself to my new neighbor, and I was surprised to see a new face, scarily similar to my “blue girl”, but with a different gender and black hair without tattoos. A young man in his mid-twenties smiled at me.

“Hi! I’m Luke; I saw you earlier coming up the stairs. Do you live here?” The man introduced himself with a friendly grin.

“Hi, yeah, I’m Harry, next door to yours.”

After a few minutes of conversation, I discovered that “blue girl” was his twin sister, who came along to help him unpack. I was mildly disappointed that she was not my new neighbor, but had some great company in Luke. Soon days and months passed and I saw no glimpse of “blue girl”, I was hoping that she would come around to see her brother but was let down.

On a Friday evening in the month of July, I returned home exhausted from work. I was getting set for a quite night’s sleep when I heard a tap on the door and answered it to find Luke standing there with a bright smile, asking me to join his house party. Despite being worn out, I couldn’t resist his eager expression and agreed to show up.

The house was slightly crowded, with people mingling around with drinks and music. I slouched in a corner, sipping on a cup of soda, just people-watching.

“Not a big fan of parties I see, and no alcohol either. You’re a real charmer.” I heard a voice behind me—a voice that made me feel dizzy and light-headed. At last, I turned around to see her. My blue girl.

“I’m Louise, Luke’s twin. It is nice meeting you”. It all started from there. My life, a new beginning, the true purpose, felt complete; my heart soared high, my soul gleamed brightly, and it finally met its counterpart. The other half. The soulmate.