As I am looking into the mirror, I can only see my black dress with white embroidered flowers on the boat neck, flares running down the dress till my knees. I am staring into the mirror, looking closer and watching my face subtly and waiting for this day to start with joy. My eyes are looking beautiful as the wing eyeliner looks perfect and the smoky eye shadow is complimentary. I stop staring at myself and look around, my room is messy, the bed is looking like a dumpster of clothes and shoes, flats and heels are lying on the floor, making it difficult to find space to even walk in my room. My makeup and accessories are resting on my dressing table that I cannot even keep my phone.

There is a knock on the door, I say, “Come in.” My parents enter the room and say, “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.” I jump through all the mess and hug them with happiness. I cannot keep my excitement to myself and screams, “I am going to the new lounge near my college with my friends.” They can be here any minute and I ask my father for some money. He reaches his wallet and phone starts to ring and I read it is from Rachel and I pick her call. I grab the money as my friends are waiting outside and run downstairs, before leaving I say, “Love you, Mom and Dad.”

I walk out of my house and my friends greet with a lovely birthday song and a bouquet of red roses. I am on the cloud nine, experiencing the best birthday ever one can have. I sat inside the car and we started singing beautiful songs. Meanwhile my phone did not stop ringing; friends and family are calling to wish me on my beautiful day. I am so happy and I can only feel the positive aura around me.

We reach the venue in thirty minutes and all my happiness vanishes in a minute. The manager says, “Sorry, we are not open yet. We will be open in a week.” I was planning for this day since few weeks and all my planning and happiness shatters. I wanted to celebrate my birthday here as it is F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed lounge, which is my favourite show. It happens every time, my gets ruined every year due to some reason or the other. I call my mother and starts crying about the lounge. She is trying to calm me down and tells me go to some other lounge, but can I explain, how much I wanted to celebrate my birthday in this particular lounge.

Meanwhile my friends are on phone constantly, I hear the word cake and candles. Two of my friends are missing and I smell something exciting now. My friends tell me that they are going to some other café to make reservations. We stop for a little ice cream break, a much needed one as I need to cool down. After the ice cream break, they blindfold me and ask me shut myself and no more questions. After sometime the car stops and Rachel opens the door and takes me out of the car.

We step inside somewhere and I can smell Pizza. I am wondering are we in a pizza joint because I will be the happiest one as Pizza is my favourite too. They open my blindfold, however I can only sense blackout. The lights are off and I cannot see anything except white balloons. Suddenly lights are switched on and everyone says, “Happy Birthday, Rashi.” I can feel Goosebumps on my body and I cannot feel happier.

My friends take me to my heaven and that’s my house and I am thrilled. There is a birthday cake on the dining table and balloons are lying on the floor. So many gifts are resting on the sofa and all I can say is THANK YOU.