There was this girl, who belonged to middle class family. She was 17 years old . She had huge dreams.Her name is prakruti. Whenever she feels low her dreams were there to sustain her. She wanted to become IAS officer. But she couldn’t able to tell Her parents. Because her parents had conservatism ideology. And they thought that girls are made to do household chores. But didn’t tell her parents that she was preparing for this exam . She gave the exam two three times but couldn’t able to make it . But she didn’t gave up . And then she made one more attempt this time she passes the exam . Now she had to give interview. She was very nervous and because of that nervousness she couldn’t able to made it . And she loses hope . And she didn’t want to try this time . She thought that she cannot do anything. But there is a saying that “everything happens for good” . She now had a huge experience . One day she met a boy . And prakruti told him everything about how many attempt she had given . But not succeeded . But that boy was so sweet . And that boy told her that why r u giving up ? If u can’t pass this examination it’s ok u can have the ultimate experience. And try one more . And u have to believe in yourself. Just don’t think about anything. Be yourself and u have to prove your parents wrong that girls can do both the things . She can also make money and work outside the home. He successfully boosted her confidence back . And now she was Fully ready to crack this examination. And finally she cracked it . She became IAS OFFICER.