A 20-year-old girl 5 feet tall with a darker skin tone and medium-length straight hair is as dark as the forest. She loves to do everything with joy. Without hesitation, she helps others. Everyone says that no one will work like Rebecca. She works for four houses. Her work is to wash the clothes, clean the houses, wash the vessels, and so on. Rebecca is a good soul, and anyone who talks to her will fall in love with her. But her life was turned upside down when her father and mother died in an accident when she was in the 8th grade. 

One day she went to the park on her off day, and there she met a person called Harish. He was playing with his dog in the park. Suddenly, Harish’s dog came to Rebecca and barked at her. She was frightened. Harish ran to her and asked, “Sorry.” The next day, she again met Harish and his dog. They are both playing at the same park. She went to them and joined them. Harish and Rebecca become friends. They used to meet every evening and talk about many things about themselves. Later, their friendship moves to the next level. They fall in love with each other. 

Rebecca was so happy that she found her soulmate. Harish seems like a nice person to her. She believes him. As she longs for a good relationship, she profoundly loves Harish without knowing him. Rebecca didn’t have a chance to say about her work to Harish. Somehow she tried to tell him everything about her work but couldn’t. Time flies, and it’s been a year since they both fell in love. 

Later on, Rebecca wants to marry Harish. So, she wants to say everything about her to Harish. On the same day evening, they both met in a coffee shop. There she thought about speaking about her life and her work. But Harish didn’t utter a word to her. Because he came to know that she was working as a maid, but he didn’t want their relationship to move to the next level. She somehow tries to convince him. So he broke their relationship and went on. After the arrival of Harish in her life, Rebecca thinks that he is everything. She is so sensitive to getting herself away from him. So she went into a depressed state. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. An extroverted young lady becomes an introvert after her breakup.