For Far too long we have looked for Motivation, Courage, Inspiration from successful people, be it in the field of Business, Sports, Science etc. We look up to those few individuals who have made name, fortune and reached a pinnacle in their respective fields. I don’t intend to take anything away from their achievements and glory, But intent to convey that there is so much to learn, be inspired and motivated by the ordinary, which in itself is extraordinary.

Today I am going to mention about one such person whom I met 3 years back as a housemate in Toronto, Canada. His name is Murat (name changed), originally from Turkey. He had been living in Canada since 3 years when our path crossed. He knew very little English, as a result of which he always struggled to get constant work. Every now and then he would secure a temporary labor job which was a major source of living for many immigrants moving to this part of the world.

The thing that fascinated me most about this man was his joyful state of being despite living in uncertainty of his visa status and the need to constantly renew work permits to stay in the Country. He was doing very well back home in Turkey, but moved to Canada because of the political uncertainty surrounding the minority population i.e. the Kurds. He once admitted to me that he didn’t like it much in Canada but chose to stay for his Family especially his 4 daughters who he thought would get better Education in Canadian public schools.

It was difficult for me to fathom then, how he chose to stay away from his family in a country where he doesn’t know the language, makes you feel lonely and is harsh in terms of financial stability if you have not been educated or worked here. Despite all the pain and hurt he secretly endured, Murat always had a smile on his face and have hearty conversation. I still remember some things he tried to convey in little English he knew “Aashish, you good man, Canada weather No good and Can (Canned) food garbage” Literally makes me smile again while writing. 

People like Murat don’t have a label to speak of or bank balance to prove their success, but to me he still is an inspiration to learn from and also from all people like him who are giving their best despite no tangible and visible measures to account for their efforts and sacrifices. My Gratitude to all, Thank you.