Mani is a business man who never likes an opponent’s growth. He hacks his rival’s business and makes him lose his business. What happens next is the story of “Backfire”.


It was morning 11 O clock and a sunny day. Mani was at his cabin with Gautham having their usual chat in their office.

Mani said, “That guy got sacked at last! We made it man..!”

Gautham,” all the credit goes to you sir…and you are great…!”

Mani said,” No Man, without your help, we could not have done it!!”

Mani said, “you accessed his mailbox and gave his personal mails to me”

Mani said, “Which helped me a lot to pull him down”

Gautham said, “Sir, you are great, the guy tried to start his own company”

Gautham said, “You found that and abolished it”

Mani said, “That is nothing to me man…!!! He deserves a punishment like that”

Gautham said,” Sir…why you are so much angry on that guy..?”

Mani said,” he came in as an employee to our company and later he entered into policy matters”

Mani said, “he kicked out many of our employees”

Gautham said,” oh..!! Is he that much cunning…?”

Mani said,” yes man he is a cunning fox…and our company dissolved like anything…!”

Gautham said,”Oh…my God..!!! That guy is looking lean and harmless…but I can’t accept that he could have done such thing”

Mani said,” Don’t believe your eyes man..!!! Let him get even a bad treatment that this”

Gautham said,”Ok sir, further if you need any help in this regard tell me, I will stand with you to pull Sharath down”

Mani said,” already I have given him too much, if required I will ask you…!!! You know even we played with the life of his sister…!”

Gautham said,” sir..!! I think that is somewhat too much…!!! Please don’t do that…!”

Mani said,” It got executed already, don’t worry their family deserves it, man…!”

Gautham said,” Sir…this is sin…!”

Mani said, “No sin man, I will be the deciding authority on his life…!! He cannot take free decisions…and should not…!”

Gautham said,” sir… I am getting afraid now…!”

Mani said,” Don’t worry man, your name will be secret…you can trust me?”

Gautham smiled and said, “yes sir…my part is over …right…!!! I need not fear!!!”

Mani said,” hmm..!!! Yes…!!! That is it…be bold”

Gautham said,” What else are you planning to do sir…?”

Mani said,” Now, he will not be able to pursue any contract based job…!! So, I will find somebody near his locality to keep me informed about what kind of steps he is taking next to come up in life”

Gautham said,” and you will spoil his game by knowing his plans…!”

Mani said, “Yes…you are there…man…!”

Gautham said,” sir…you are a genius and a great business man and you have no limits”

Mani said, “yes man you know it, but the world has not known me because I don’t come out  …I play in a silent mode”

Gautham said,” sir I know your secrets…!”

Mani said, “Don’t worry…man you are my best chap”

Gautham said, “Thank you, sir”

Mani said,” I have men everywhere to know about his activities…I hate his growth… I like his death…and need his death…he should get depressed and die out of failure in life”

Gautham said, “wow…what a concept…brilliant…killing without killing”

At that time the door bell rang “Ding! Dong!”

Mani, “Who is it…?”

Another side, “sir…courier…!”

Mani, “yes come in “

The courier boy came in and asked,” Sir is there a person of name Mr. Mani here”

Mani, “yes… I am”

The courier boy,” we have got a parcel for you, sir…!”

There was a gift packed parcel in the hand of the courier boy.

Mani saw that…and said, “Please keep it on the table”

Mani signed the receipt and sent the courier boy.


Gautham,” sir, what is this, somebody has sent you gift…!”

Mani saw the sender’s address; it got addressed in the name of Sheela.

Mani said,”Sheela..!! Hmm, which Sheela is this…?”

Gautham,”oh sir, then you know more than one person named as Sheela…!!! Sir…it seems you have a lot of girlfriends also..?”

Mani,” these are all nothing man …for my talents…the world has not recognized me”

Gautham,”sir, you will be famous in the world soon sir”

Mani,” Ok let us see what has our Sheela sent us”

Mani tore the top sheet of the parcel cover and opened the parcel.


A Bomb exploded with a large bang.

Mani and Gautham got torn into pieces by the heavy explosion of the bomb.


The room was spoilt and full of gasses. On seeing this, a gatekeeper ran and came to the spot and found bits and pieces of the bodies of Mani and Gautham.

Gatekeeper shouted,” Help! Help! Sir somebody come to help”

A man who was passing by that building came running towards the gatekeeper.

He asked, “What happened?”

Gatekeeper said,” Sir I am innocent, a courier boy delivered a parcel”

Gatekeeper said, “And after he went, a bomb exploded and they are dead!!!”

The man said,”Ok then inform the police”

Gatekeeper said,” Sir I am new to this area…could you please call the police”

The man said,” Hmmm…Ok, I will do it for you…!”

Gatekeeper said, “Thanks sir…please do it”

The man took his mobile phone and dialled the helpline to police.

The call got answered,” hello..!! May I help you?”

The man said,” sir, there is a Bomb blast here”

Police said,” what…!!!Bomb blast…where…?”

The man said, “In 10th avenue, srilekha Nagar”

Police said,” ok we will be there within 5 to 10 minutes…and by the way what your name is?”

The man replied,”Sharath”


Moral of the Story:

Truth is like fire; it will burn itself out and spread everywhere. Every action of a human being has a universal reciprocation. For all good deeds a human does, it will be resulting with good rewards. If a man plants saplings, and waters it to grow as a tree, his son or family may get fruits from that tree at a later stage. If a man fires a hut of a neighbour, he will get a backfire one day or other.